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Mysteries of the Moon


I Introduction.

  The 7 February 1998 we learnt in the daily paper that the Association "GUADELOUPE ECHANGES ET CULTURES" created in 1996 had invited in Guadeloupe the astronaut Harrisson SCHMITT, Doctor in geology of the Harvard University, last visitor of the Moon, in December 1972, in company of the board commander of Apollo 17, Eugène CERNAN. The conference, titled "until to the Moon and beyond" and illustrated with a diaporama showing probably pictures collected during 22 hours of lunar exploration of the Apollo's mission will take place 17 February 1998 to the Center of Arts in Guadeloupe.

  Without wanting to minimize the scientific and human aspect of the mission of Apollo 17, where the courage and the endurance of men have been put to rough test, and that has allowed them to collect 113 kgs of samples of ground, by covering close to 35 km with the Lunar Rover vehicle, we can regret that this last lunar mission has not lifted the lesser square of the veil of the numerous mysteries that are attaching to our satellite the Moon, whose one avoids to speak carefully in public, but only in authorized scientific circles and that we are going here to bring up to date by profiting of the mediatic hype that offers us the total sun eclipse of 26 February 1998.

II Some non resolved lunar mysteries.

  Let us have yet a furtive quick glance on some of these mysteries :

1°) -The average density difference 3.33g/ cm3 for the Moon and 5.5g/ cm3 for the Earth, as well as the lunar rock composition, so less richer in metals than those of our good Earth, seem to eliminate the hypothesis than the Moon has been originally pulled out from the Earth.This hypothesis has nevertheless,at this time, the very great favor of scientists, that for this are using, the shock of the Earth with a planet almost as large as Mars, shock that would transform first the Earth in a planet with a ring as Saturn then at a incredible record time of a year the ring would have to realize its accretion to form the Moon. 27 numerical simulations of different researches center realized to verify this hypothesis have ended to the same result. (to see the review "Sky and Space" n 333 of February 1998).

  So it is preferable for the moment to admit that the Moon could have come from elsewhere. But how has-it been able to be captured by the Earth and be placed into a orbit forming an almost flawless circle, necessitating a rigorous braking during the satellisation, while satellites of the other planets describe generally ellipses more or less stretched? The probability of such a capture is therefore practically null.

2°) -But this event becomes rigth very miraculous, when it is knows that the Moon possesses what it is called an obliged rotation, what means it turns on itself in the same time that it is necessary it to loop its revolution around the Earth, so 27.3 days.The consequence of this rotation, told also synchronous is that the Moon presents to us always the same face. If the Earth had a obliged rotation around the sun, it would present always the same grilled hemisphere face to the sun and the other would remain in the perpetual frozen night.

  This, joined with the fact that the volume of the Moon represents close to 2% of that of the Earth and its mass 1%, percentages far away superior of all these that are obtained by all the other planets and their satellites, is going to entail therefore the fact that the duo Earth-Moon seems to be as a "double-planet", what is doing to it, a unique coupIe in the solar system.

3°) -What is on the other hand, the nature of these hudge mass concentrations of called for this "mascons" and that are buried into different places in the lunar subsoil ? These mascons have the particularity to disrupt the trajectories of probes into orbit around the Moon. Found in 197O, they localize themselves mainly under lunar seas.

4°) -The different seismometers placed by astronauts on the Moon have recorded surface waves whose vibrations have been far more long that it has been anticipated during the impact of the superior part of the "Lem", precipitated on the moon before the return to Earth. The experience has been realized several times and the Moon has vibrated sometimes more than an hour, so as the geophysician Maurice Ewing told: "It is as if we had knocked a bell...". Would the moon be-it therefore hollow ? Obviously no satisfactory explanation has up till now been found.

5°) -The Moon is not dead as one could have believe it. Peculiar luminous phenomenon have been seen on its surface, since very long ago. During the last three centuries, close to 600 cases of bright luminous splashes and temporary changes, called modestly "transitory phenomenon" by the specialists, (TLP: Transient lunar phenomena) have been noted on the lunar surface, whose more of 200 concerning the alone region of the Aristarque Circus. But let us notice here, a quite recent case: What was the nature of the very brilliant splash, red ruby color in a oval form of very lengthened on close to 22 km long, found d the 27th of November of 1963 by the astronomers James Greenacre and Edward Barr at the Lowel Observatory in Arizona ?

  The suitable observation on the ride of the rampart of the Aristarque crater nevertheless shaddly at this moment, lasted about 75 mn, white and black cliches were obtained, and we can see them at the page 65 of the "Science et vie" review n° 559 of April 1964.

6°) -What is on the other hand also, the nature of the very structured geometrical form seeming to a half colossal aircraft carrier near to 26 km long and where appear to the extremity of a rectilinear plateform sorts of spheres of more than 4km of diameter each, overcame of a gigantic arrow forming a right straight angle with this plateform? This "superstructure" is visible on the hidden face of the Moon on a photography of the NASA, realised by the Apollo 8 astronauts, published for the first time and also the unique time in France by the Paris Match n° 1028 of 18th January of 1969 page 33: ( See please, the two pictures below:)

and please read also ours articles on the WEB in relation with this incredible affair :

7°) -Why finally the NASA has not-it sent rather ( in 6 missions that have expored the lunar ground ), astronauts on the edges of the Vitello crater where we see without possible discussion tracks of more of 600 meters long, left by two "vehicles" of approximately 5m and 25m wide, weighing hundred of tons and that have ascended the slopes of two small craters? These tracks are very clearly visible on the photograph n° 67-H-1135 of the NASA :


, and that we can see in the books : "Somebody else is on the Moon " of G. Leoneard (David Mc Kay Company, Inc New York :1976 ) and "The Moon and its challenges to the science " of A. Nahon (Publishing MontBlanc Geneva :1973).

III Conclusion.

  We invite therefore all these that now, these lunar mysteries heckle (and there are still many others non evoked here by lack of place) and that would like to solve any of them, to do not hesitate to question to this subject, Mr Harrisson SCHMITT, during his conference at Point-a-Pitre, and let us wish that his replies will be as clear as the questions and that the NASA has not, as to its habit, "pave the way to confuse the issue deliberatly", that in any way will come publicly :" There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known" (Mathieu:X.26).

  Making out this article on the 19/08/99, and up dating it on the 07/05/2001.


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