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      M. IDYLLE Fred                                                                                 Saint-Claude the 5 st March of 2009.

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Open letter to                
W. M. Keck Observatory         
1120 Mamalahoa Hwy.                 
Kamuela, HI 96743.           

Dear high-performance team.

Hello from the Archipelago of Guadeloupe in the French West Indies islands.

I am the Webmaster of the French site:

      I apologize for coming to disturb your focus on your work, but I have an information of the utmost importance for you.

      But first, be king, in excusing my English very rough, because I'm not used to write or speak in that language. I use the Google translator : .

     Here is what it is :

     In a library near you, you will have may be the chance to find the book very well known in the circle of the Anglo-Saxon Astronomy, entitled "Red Giants and White Dwarfs" by Robert Jastrow, published in 1967 at Harper & Row Publishers incorporeted, then located at 49 East 33rd Street New York NY 10016.

     I have the privilege to have get the 3rd edition of 1969, handheld version, published by The New American Library (Signet Y4741 Science book), that I received the 2d Nov 2005 from one of my friend visiting USA. Here are the urls of the two covers : . .


     We have there, a proof of a strange thing that Mr Jastrow, has been got in his files and something that has not held his attention.

     We see in fact, in this book, page 109, a great photo of the moon, not produced by NASA, and coming from the Mount Wilson Observatory in the USA. .

     Let us have here a quick glance on the edge of the large crater Clavius, where we find a strange configuration in the small crater Rutherfurd (61 ° S, 9 ° W). .


     Let us see, now, an other elargissement : .


     Personally I see there, a profusion of special geometric shapes and many blocks in parallel edges and orthogonal angles-sided, that leave no doubt, (from my opinion), about the artificial nature of the structures that we see, and yet Mr Jastrow , never mention this in his book.

     So if we could get in hands, the negative slide , used by the author or the publisher, to print the page 109 of the book in question, it would be possible then, to better enlarge this small crater Rutherfurd, and to see on it more détails.

     But the 3rd of July 2007, I received by mail, for only 2 $, the book (above) by Robert Jastrow, published 1990, same entitled "Red Giants and White Dwarfs" considerably enhanced with other images including several new colors : . .


     I then rushed to page 119 , and then I have found this : .

     The red arrow indicates that the very structured complex of Rutherford, is always present. You can see the same profusion of special geometric shapes and orthogonal angles-sided . It is also be seeing at the end of the blue arrow , a kind of great arch , projecting a shadow underneath.

      It should be very usuful, to see it more clearly, to undergo a treatment of images with a powerful software.

     Also, I will keep for you an eternal gratitude, if you could get to me a new picture of the crater Rutherfurd produced by your telescope (Not NASA probe) .

     If it is possible, pleace send me, an e-mail confirmation at :, saying how much, it will cost me.

      Then, you can beginning your the letter by : Dear Fred .

          Thanks to you , in advance for your help.

          Very Cordial from the Caribbean.

                    Fred IDYLLE

     Making out this article on March the 5th of 2009., and revised on the 6th March 09, and on the 19th March 09 .


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