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When will the “Great Federal Jury” commit the NASA for trial ?

I Introduction

  So therefore the president of United States, Bill CLINTON has had to apologize ahead the 23 members of the Great Federal Jury (sort of Court of Accusation) and has confessed his unrespectable relationship with the ancient White House's trainee, Monica Lewinsky, relationship that he had nevertheless always before denied. This affair that has lasted more than 4 years and has costed the trifle of approximately 36 millions of dollars, shows to us the force and also the weakness of the American democracy because at first this affair concerned only the president's private life and in principle should have to interest only, his woman and his children.

II The genesis of the affair.

   One can from then, imagine the importance others secrets still more fantastic that this president keeps and secrets that will have a day unveiled under the pressure of the media and also under the obstinacy of an independent and fussy District Attorney as this Kennet Star that has made kneeing down the most powerful man of United States. What will be then the bold attorney who will dare to tackle about the ambiguous statements of the NASA and its protagonists of astronauts. Indeed to avoid a hypothetical declines of the dollar or perhaps a too good agreement between men of this planet that would ruin the weapon dealers that prefer "to divide for to reign better ", the world authorities have decided the total black-out on all information concerning ufos and the annex incidents occurred during the lunar missions. But some documents arrive to escape from the Top-Secret by diverted ways . It is as well as to the continuation of an action in justice under the cover of the law on the liberty of the information in date of 4 July 1974 (F.O.I.P.A :Freedom of Information and Privacy Act), a Canadian rechearcher , Mr Arthur Bray from Ottawa obtained lately, in a batch of documents without great interest, the copy of a memorandum written by the engineer Wilbert.B.Smith that was responsible of the telecommunications of the Ministry of Transportation of Canada dated on the 20th of November 1950 and addressed to the concerned minister supporting originally the mention"Top Secret" and giving informations he had obtained during conferences and contacts in Washington with his American colleagues. What tells this memorandum: ... " I have made discreet enquiries through the Canadian Embassy staff in Washington, who were able to obtain for me the following information:
a) The matter is the most highly classified subject ( in to the breast of the United States government rating higher level than the H-bomb.
b) Flying saucers exist.
c) Their "modus operanti" is unknown but concentrated effort is being made by a small group headed by Doctor Vannevar Buch
d) The entire matter is considered by the United States authorities to be of tremendous significance.

   To see the copy of this memorandum page 97 and 98 of the book of my friend Jean Sider: " ULTRA -TOP - SECRET" : ces Ovnis qui font peur. Edt. AXIS MUNDI 8, gallery Montmartre 7 5 002 Paris.
     What to tell more, so only that we understand henceforth very well why the United States have produce the enactment of the prescriptions
AFR 200 - 2
(that indicates how to reduce tritely cases of unidentified flying objects) and especially JANAP 146 (that punishes of ten years of prison and of a 10000 dollars fine all military pilot revealing to the public the observation of a "air incident" without authorization of his superiors. )
   And what is to say then for the NASA's astronauts who as it has been revealed by Maurice Chatelain, a French specialist of the radar, who became an american citizen and rare thing having obtained a "top secret security clearance" (Authorization of access to secrets concerning the American National Defense):
   " Astronauts have not only had material problems. They have seen things of which they had not the right to speak to anybody. .. and it is said that all flights of Gemini and Apollo capsules have been followed by space vehicles of extraterrial origine or if we prefer by ufos” (to See page 34 of his book: " Our ancetors who came from Space at R.Laffont editor in 1975), and also in his book of 1979 "The Time and the Space" he adds: in page 21: " The NASA had thus succeeded to hush up during more than twelve years all incidents that had producted between American spacial rockets and flying saucers."
  We have already developed in the articles "The Paris - Match affair in the n° 1028" and "In margin of the Eclipse 26/02/98, some mysteries on the Moon", the incredible adventure of Apollo 8, let us see, now, what arrived to Apollo 11:
.   We can pass rapidly on the sort of "hollow cylinder" that changed apparently of form according to the astronaut Collins and that has accompanied until the lunar module ship of Apollo 11 and let us pass also on the similar noises of a locomotive whistle or of an electrical saw heard by astronauts and even also on Earth, so that the announcer of the Nasa had posed to these last, the next incongruous question: " You are sure that you have never communicated with them. ..! "
  But, for this same flight of Apollo 11, on the arrival on the Moon, it was anticipated for a long time that astronaut Armstrong and Aldrin, the first men to trample underfoot the lunar ground , in our historic period , this 21 July 1969 at 2h56 GMT , had to stay approximately 10 hours in the lunar module (the LEM) to rest themselves and prepare to their exausting trip of 2or 3 hours on the Moon's ground where they had in principle first, without distancing from the Lem, to fill their container of rocks and dust samples so as to come back "in case of forced and precipitate return " other thing than photography. Yet the Nasa that usaly gives so lavish informations, has never explained why it was necessary to envisage a "forced and precipitate " return. It has never, not more, explained why astronauts obtained the permission to leave the LEM near five hours before the right hour what provoked not only a surplus of fatigue for Armstrong and Aldrin but especially what entailed a general confusion in broadcasts of radio and TV programs of the whole world. (To see this subject in the book of Jacques Bergier and Georges H Galllet. "The book of the Mystery at A.Michel 1975)." Then Armstrong declared during his "lunar stroll" under the fit of a great emotion by declining his voice: "They measure 6 to 15 meters and ..." then hesitant hecontinued: "et... to approximately, half a mile of us, there are the "tracks" that seem to have been left by the caterpillars of a tank".
  But we know that Armstrong is a too experienced observer in order that he could tell nonsence and he had very probably specific instructions to reveal what he was seeing. So if he talk about "tank tracks", it is really artificial structures whose he allude to, but by using at this precise moment the secret Nasa wavelength to reveal his surprise, there would have been a too brutal interruption in the telephone calls that this would have alerted attentive listeners of the whole world. Then Armstrong will add an other more peculiar sentence "Hold ready the space ship to close to us !" He wanted thus to mean to the center of control of the Earth of Houston that they have to locate very well the moment where the command module of Colombia in which was opéring Collins would be the closest point to the LEM. Why this declaration since this operation is solely dependent on the time of rotation of Colombia around the Moon and especially it depends on the chosen moment by occupants of the Lem to leave the Moon ? In clear, this sentence, apparently innocent of Armstrong, means: "We have detected a "problem" that can entail a departure precipitated, according to your possibilities to make us rejoin Colombia. "
  What thing therefore detected Armstrong and Aldrin on the lunar ground to request a such intervention?
  A lot of books present the fact that many americans radios- hams and without doubt also those, on line tuned, in others country and who got ultra high frequency radio-receivers succeeded in getting astounding sentences of Armstrong (while he was walking , for an inspection turn, about the Lem, and catch ing the Aldrin's arm he cried: What's there ? damn and blast it ! I would want just to know what it is! " . Then, there appared some confusion instants and one heard the voice of the Nasa controller telling: " what's there? ... that don't walk? "(here there were some confused words and communication jamming) then we heard: " Center of control calls Apollo 11. .. " "Armstrong 's reply " These babies are huge, sir... enormous... Oh God you would believe it ! I'm telling you there are other space craft out there ....lined up on far side of crater. .. They are on the Moon and they observe us.... "
    This incredible message of Armstrong, was suppressed from the televised broadcastand obviously the Nasa has never neither confirmed nor same denial, this declaration. But if it is exact, we perfectly understand the fright and the total confusion of the center of theHouston Center that, on the secret canal radio of the mission, has obliged afterwards the astronauts , to "forget" what they had seen and to continue their work as if nothing has happenned.
  Talking of which "oblivion", let us remind, by the way, that some astronauts of others missions have bluntly forgotten on moon , films, (as Apollo 12, whose 3 rolls were forgotten and whose main camera "refused to run" and also Appolo 14 whose film that shown the evolution of astronauts on the site of Fra Mauro was again, it also, forgotten on the Moon), without doubt because all that was really too revealing. .. Yet let us back to Apollo 11. How indeed, to explain the disarming behavior of the astronauts, to their return on Earth? :
   - Michaël Collins, who would have been, one said it , "shocked" by his simple flying over the Moon, while he has not even trample it underfoot, did not have he to abandon all hope to return there a day? To see on this subject the surprising article of J Grandmoulin of the french review "Valeurs Actuelles"n° 1725 of Dec 1969 page 22. - Buzz Aldrin that, one said it - has been twice interned has not - he declared: "One believes us hero, but the Moon has broken us" (to see Paris-Match nº1242 of 24 fev 1973).
  - Neil Armstrong, the first man, in our known history, to pose his heavy shoes on the lunar ground, has not-he left the NASA in bizarre conditions, while his celebrity gave him a very good special considération in this organism. He elsewhere would have,indeed, been able to profit from this celebrity to honor the numerous advertising contracts that was offerred to him for enriching very notably himself and to become a multimillionaire as do it easily some athletic well known Americans. Instead of that, he is going to teach discretly Astronautics lectures in the University of Cincinnati, and no longer wants especially to hear speaking of the Moon, and does not address even a word to his neighbors as if this Moon had given to him, the disgust of the Earth. ..! It is very very rare that a famous American refuses to amass without effort masses of dollars that one proposes to him on a large tray. .! Let us have a notice finally on this subject, which is a declaration of the "very remarkable" book of Ann Valentin and Virgina Essene "Cosmic Revelation" at "Louise Courteau" Canada Publisher's " The Moon is only a station - transitory relay. .. where visitors coming from elsewhere can rest. .. When your astronauts came back from the moon and others missions, they had taken telepathic conscience of the existence of others form of life in the universe. Some of them even caught sight of the different human beings , what your governments have refused to believe, or that they have hidden and denied. " 1997 edition page 155. .

III Conclusion

  What is to say more in addition , apart from the fact that these two astronauts as besides, many others, have well and truly , be traumatized by their brief trip on the Moon and not surely by the dust and pebbles of the ground of our satellite? It is therefore imperative that an independent distric attorney looks now , so severely that this attorney Kennet Star into this file, by finding up the magnetic tapes of the some radio hams who would have recorded the Apollo 11 conversations to scientifically authenticate them and to release, as in the affair Monica Lewinsky's affair, the confessions of the highest responsibles, that in reason of prestige questions of a "Great Power's nation" have hidden to the whole World, an incomparable truth that would have, all obviousness, to influence the changing all the history of the humanity.
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