The real Knowledge has always had a sulfur odor when it opposes to the generally accapted ideas.
 A the dawn of 3ème millennium, what resides again hidden, no longer will remain it, well long, because the new “ Apocalypse angel nammed Web " will look on that its fantastic "revelations" jostle a lot of consciences, still full of themselves."
   Fred IDYLLE

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      If you cast a glance at the Moon's picture above, you will see a very strange block structure which are really relating to us

  To know much about it, please see the articles concerning the Moon on the opposite column.


: is the artistic vision of a real word based on anywhere else dimensions.

See these two pictures of superbly carved stones, that leave us quizzical,because we could have in to equal their perfection, only with machine-tools very sophisticated.

Dr Stirling and his woman measure a granit, a granit 12 tons sphere from Costa Rica. It is found some of them in full forest, more heavier, of about 2.5 m de diameter and far from all careers, where one would have been able to extract them. One says that they would have been hand-worked par "by the skill" of unknow pre-columbian craftsmen.

A Ollantaytambo in Perou , near 2800 m of altitude it is found these gigantic stones, whose scale is given to us by the presence of a friend explorer. The stone-cuttering is so perfected that one can not pass a blade of razor between two stones. How has one, been able elsewhere, to transport them such an altitude, because careers are very distanced from there, in the valley?

As you see above, and to parody a famous saying, ARTivision would be so

The glowing color of the words and the amazing strenght of the pictures.

If our slogan makes you laugh, here is for exemple the NASA's picture , Viking 76H593 / 17384 realised on Mars in 1976:

    We need not, actually to be at the Polytechnic School, to see the artificial caracter of this huge structure, located on the middle of the picture, which is called by somme rechearchers, the "Fort", where the thickness of the "walls ", doing two right angles, overcome the 300 m. The proximity also shows a sort of "pyramid" whose height is more than the km. Of course the magazines which are of some standing, avoid carefully to talk about all this. 

      If you want to go off the beaten tack and really plunge into the Cyberspace of the Unusual, please, look at and go thoroughly into with yours remarks the underneath articles:


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