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The Mysteries of the Bible


  This text represents a summary condensed of a thesis that aims to explain why the Ancient Testament
differs fundamentally from the New Testament..
  The Facts that are here quoted, will have to be a day inevitably taken in consideration because they do not come from vivid imagination of an science-fiction enthusiast, but they come from a systematic study of the original hebrew texts that alone
have not changed one iota during centuries.
  All available translations on the market, take some liberties facing of these origin texts and even the french writer Voltaire , showed it already, in XVIII th century. As no one will be able to accuse this thesis to be insincerity, if he is not capable
to prouve in the form, that is to say word for word that it is false.As for the content, each person is free to have its own interpretation. (Example each can imagine as it wants what represents the tree of the knowledge of good and evil quoted in the beginning of the Genesis).
  The future will tell soon who has disguised the truth and why? because"
for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known." (Matthew. X-26). Secret that is a bit nevertheless already revealed in these verses of the Ecclesiaste:
There is no remembrance of former things; neither shall there be any remembrance of things that are to come with those that shall come after." (Words of the ECCLESIATE chap.1 vers.11.)
What has been done will be done again there nothing under the sun."(chap.1 vers.9.)
  But we find still better : "
Is there anything of which one can say ,Look! This is something new? It was here already long ago ; it was here before our time. "(chap.1 vers.10.)

I Introduction

   Despite its 3 500 years old the Bible, memory of the part of  humanity situated by the west of the Indus river , does not cease to fascinate us . After of long centuries of hypotheses, of translations, and of varied interpretations, and despite all researches and archaeological discoveries, we have not always uncovered its mysteries. In spite of its publishing under all forms and of its adaptation to the cinema, from all the literature inspireted by it, the interest that it arouses does not deny. Translated in 2092 languages is approximately one third of the Earth dialects , 598 for Africa, 365 for America, 520 for Asia and 344 for Oceania.It is truly the absolute best-seler .In 1994 year of record some 18.4 millions of bibles have been distributed in the world and if we add to this total the distribution of the alone New Testament, we reach then the hardly believable number of 600 millions of copies. The defeat of ideologies, the gallop of atheism, the scientific discoveries on the evolution of species, do not seem in anything to decrease the success of the Bible. But what are therefore original texts that have caused such a phenomenon.

II The original texts.

  A thing is certain : Preserved manuscripts that here and there in the world, in Cambridge, in Jerusalem, or Geneva are only of copies of copies. Until 1947, apart from the Codex Siniaiticus (about 350 after J.C) and the Codex Vaticanus (equally about 350 after J.C) that have been written in Greek, the most ancient copy of the Bible, whose we had, ascended about the year 1000 after J.C.such Codex of prophets of Cairo, finished in 895 or the hebrew Babylonicus Codex of 916 after JC. The most ancient complete copie of the Bible, the Leningradensis Codexis, iis dated of 1008 after J.C.The most ancient complete copie of the Bible, the Leningradensis Codexis, is dated of 1008 after J.C.then it was at the beginning of 1947, an youth bedouin nammed Mohamed ahd-Dhib, then who has been looking for a lost ewe , discovered at Qumram, in a cave situated to west of the Dead Sea, tens of jars containing close to 200 writing covered rolls, in an excellent state of conservation.These manuscripts ascended to 2d or 1st century before J.C. By over all, their content is proven identical to that of the Leningradensis Codex . 1200 years of flawless fidelity, despite the many perigrinations of the Israel people. Although we do not have always until this day an complete Hebrew manuscript of Ancient Testament anterior to the Xe century after J.C, the Dead Sea scrolls demonstrate therefore that we can indisputably trust them. In the Middle Ages the Bible existed only in an alone basic version, that was the Saint Jerome's (331-420), written in Latin, and called "the Vulgate" remainig near to one thousand years thework of reference until the printing invention by Gutenberg in 1450 and it was Lefevre d' Etaples who in 1530, printed in Anvers, the first French Bible, drawn from the Vulgate.

  Then this will be calvinist Olivetan who in 1535  published the first French Bible, drawn from the original Hebrew and Greek texts. Wars of religions have led Catholic and Protestant churches to propose translations conform with each doctrine. For example for the Jew and Protestant Ancient Testament are following the same canon, but Catholics add to it 7 spurious books which consist in Greek passages (Tobie, Judith, 1st et 2nd Maccabees, Sagesse, Siracide ou Ecclesiastes, Baruch) so as Greek passages of Esther and of Daniel which are rejected by Jews and Protestants.

  The orthodox Greeks , them, add to the catholic canon a 3rd and a 4th Maccabees, the prayer of Manasse, so as the psalm 151th ( The other confessions stop to the 150th ).

  But let us analyze now , the mystery of the term Elohim, that appears in the first verse of the Ancient Testament of the hebrew Bible:

   " In the beginning, Elohim created the heaven and the Earth." (Let us specify that we do not caution any sect or movement requesting of the pre-eminence of the Elohim in our civilisation such as for exemple  "the RAEL mouvement".)

III From the presence of the Elohim in the Ancien Testament

   On Mars the 5th 1616 the "Inquisition" blacklisted the Copernic's system, that expelled the Earth planet out of its preferential position in the center of the Universe and denied thus the Geocentrism extolled by Ptoleme of 2nd century after J.C and whose the main work titled the "Amalgeste"will remain, during close to 14 centuries, the very referenced anthology for astronomers.

  The condemnation of the Copernic's system was thus written: "The Saint-Office considers the assertion that the sun is immobile on the center of the World, is absurd, false, heretical, and clearly opposite to the Scriptures. Similarly the fact to assert, that the Earth is not the center of the World, that it is not immobile, and that it turns on itself , is an absurd opinion and erroneous from a theological point of view."

  It is therefore as logical now to win acceptance for the new translations of the Ancient Testament (in small reduction A.T.) realized by Hebrew and arameen specialists in aim to discover there the existence of a new planetary order, not still suspected by the yesterday exegists, because from the one hand, these former have been influenced by ideas and constraints of their period, and from the other hand, it is more than probable that of precious "pages" of the A.T. have been lost or excluded for of various reasons.

  It is therefore as logical now to win acceptance for the new translations of the Ancient Testament (A.T.) realized by Hebrew and arameen specialists in aim to discover there the existence of a new planetary order, not still suspected by the yesterday exegists, because from the one hand, these former have been influenced by ideas and constraints of their period, and from the other hand, it is more than probable that precious "passages" of the A.T. have been lost or excluded for of various reasons.

  Furthermore, on July the 20th of 1969, at 16h17 of the West Indies time , a spaceship,which left the Earth planet, posed on the Moon and exactly at 22h56, an man nammed Neil Armstrong, walked on the ground of our natural satellite, for the first time of the known history of our civilization. But however, approximately a year before, in 1968, appeared a surprising book of a certain Jean SENDY, great specialist of Hebrew texts of the Ancient Testament, and that was titled: "The Moon, key of the Bible", and that was followed in 1969 by an other book: "These Gods who created the heavens and the Earth". Jean SENDY now deceased, made part of these famous researchers, as Erich von Daniken, Andrew Tomas, Brinsley le Poer Trench, Robert Charroux, Guy Tarade or so as Maurice Chatelain (ancient NASA 's specialist ) or Pierre-Jean Moatti (Ancient french Prefect) and many others, unnammed here by lack of place, that have given them for mission a totally revolutionary task and diametrically opposite with what is presented to us for centuries by the priests and scientists.These researchers therefore, are travelling through the whole World researching vestiges relating the most ancient myths of the humanity, to prove that what was realized by men of the Earth July the 20th of 1969 by landing on the Moon, occurred also in remote times and that similarly the Earth, was visited by of celestial travelers who have been then confused with Gods.Indeed, we find the presence of these Gods in Indian, Tibetan Chinese, maya, astec, Egyptian, Greek,Roman,...etc mythologies, and we could have a surprise that only the sacred text of the Ancient Testament (A.T) does not make any allusion of this Gods. But new translations are appeared, and according to them, the Genesis seems also, before all, to tell the history of entities who came from the sky to bring us the knowledge and the wisdom. Indeed the words ELOHIM et ADONAI of the Hebrew text of the A.T and translated into God and Lord are plurals of Eloah and of Adon and therefore would have to be replaced by Gods and Lordships. Alone bibles of first "CHOURAQUI, (COL.Desclee de Brouwer)", this one every times, and sometimes that of "DHORME (COL. La Pleiade)", transmit to us the term ELOHIM at the place of the other designations of God and are the only bibles allowing us to follow the original text, if we do not know any word of Hebrew.

  But these two authors are contradicting themselves sometimes justly concerning this plural. An example among so others: In Genesis ch. III v. 5, Dhorme writes: "your eyes will be opened and you will be like gods." (note the small " g " for gods). Chouraqui writes himself for the same verse: "your eyes will be opened and you will be as Elohim". (note well especially the absence of the "plural" and the capital "E" for Elohim). The bible of every day life French language of "l'Alliance Biblique Universelle" of 1996 proposes us itself the version: "You will see things such they are, you will be as him". Let us retain by the way, that the other Bibles write either, " will be as of gods", or " will be as God ".

  We discover therefore, beyond any dispute that these translators of the A.T. are, on this point, in formal contradiction. This proves assuredly that the Hebrew text has well and truly disturbed them. The only translation being able to agree all these authors would have to be: " will be as the Elohim", and this plural would have to be transcribed in a bible that we could then name : "The Cosmic Bible", and that would preserve the term "Elohim" everywhere where it is appearing in the hebrew text .Elsewhere according to the imposing Hebrew treaty of FABRE D'OLIVET "the hebrew language restored" the term Elohim means very exactly "He them who are". ( To see also" The Israel secret keys" of A.D.GRAD at the Rocher publishings ). (Mr A. D. GRAD who speaks close to ten languages, has published 23 books on the hebrew Kabbale , and is considered as a world specialist of this mystical and esoteric science. We got the great privilege of to meet him in 1990 on Martinique island where he lives actualy.)

  Here is also, in Dhorme's Genesis Chap.XXXV vers.7, this staggering plural: "He builds an altar and he called the place " El of Bethel ", because it was there the Elohim revealed themselves to him while he was fleeing from his brother." And however, for the same passage, Chouraqui, himself, prefers the singular: "he called the place: EL of Beit-El because there Elohim appeared unto him when he fled from the face of its brother." Other example: In the Deuteronome ch. 6 ver. 4, usual bibles write: " Hear Israel Adonai is our God, Adonai is one" or we find also ..."Hear Israel:The Lord our God The Lord is One" .What would have to be translated by taking account of plurals of Elohim and Adonai: " Hear Israel , our lords the Elohim, our Lords are one". We understand then, in this last case, that it concerns there a celestial race of entities, undoubtedly with the same figures as identical twins, or as clones, and applying the famous adage:" One for All, and All for one ". They can then act one to the position of the other, have all the same power, and are therefore recognizable from a distance.

  To these who are not still convinced of the plurality of the Elohim here is an other very significant passage which is found in all known bibles in Genesis ch.3; ver 22: "Here is that the man has become as one of us", and some bibles write even "one between us", what we can not in any way qualified of a majestic plural, because in this case Iahv» the Elohim would have told "Here is that the man has become as Us" (with a "capital U" or the "Royal We"). But since there is "one", so there is inevitably "the other", somewhere, among us. It is therefore here evident that Iahv» does not speak neither to Adam, nor to Eve, because it would have told:" You here is become as Me" . But if he was spoking to himself in private it would have told  "Here is that the man has become as Me ", but if it tells " one of us ", it is because he is very speaking to the others Elohim as himself, who was present at this moment there in the garden of Eden. Note however that the bible of Universal Biblical Alliance (A.B.U) skirts the difficulty by proposing the translation: "Here is that the man has become as a god".

  This is so true that we see the appearition abruptly without explanation in ch 6, v.2, these "the Sons of God" or these "the sons of Elohim" according to the chosen Bible. Yet the Hebrew " bnei ha Elohim" means beyond any dispute: "the sons of the Elohim". (to see about this subject: "The Moon key of the Bible" of J.SENDYat J'ai LU's Publisher ).We see then that all usual bibles have preferred to suppress this "the" before Elohim, too, in an expression provingthat the Elohim were numerous and that they had furthermore, sons capable to "knock up" the beautiful earthlings always very attractive on this planet.Note also the surprising version of the (A.B.U) for these son of God: "the residents of the sky". These sons of the Elohim where come-they? We discover them here without no preliminary description, what proves although that the hebrew texts having given birth to the A.T. have reached us under a fragmentary form and that these texts have been transcribed gradually after a lot of transformations and of oblivions. These "sons of the Elohim" have elsewhere been later confused with the "angels" of immaterial nature by excellence, while the Hebrew text perfectly precise that they made children with daughters of men, that they had judiciously chosen.

  ( Note by passing, according to A.D.GRAD in " The secret keys of Israel", that these Elohim could have maybe come from "Arqâ" place or planet still remaining to identify: To see the verse in Chaldaic language in I King XVIII, 24 which is translates according to A.D.GRAD with a totally incongruous and inappropriate manner ).

( please see the picture of a very phenomenal structure  situed on the hiden face of the Moon and our analytical article on the WEB: the Paris-Match's strange affair n°1028.)      

  But let us give up with the "sons of the Elohim" with the mystery of their fertility, that has so often been debated about the sex of angels and let us ask ourselves how a God who knows everything, who is ubiquitous, and powerful, can allow himself to say in Exodus ch.20 ver.5:" For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God... ". Of whom therefore an universal spirit can-he be jealous if he is unique? This is not the case then, and Iahve can feel jealous only of the other Elohim who reigned with him on the planet. It is for that, Jetro the Moise's father-in-law, will tell in Exodus ch.18, ver.11: "Now I know that the Lord is greater than all other gods".Similarly we find far away in ch.22, ver.20: "Whoever sacrifices to any Elohim, save only than Iahve, must be utterly destroyed ."

  Finally we will end by the vers. 28 Chap. 22. "You will not blaspheme (the) Elohim and you will not curse the sovereign of your people" (and some bibles write also: "and you will not curse "the prince" or the "ruler" of your people").

  Here theologians will be forced to observe that Iahve admits therefore the presence of the other Elohim who do not have to be blasphemed, but that only the sovereign of the people therefore Iahve himself has to receive sacrifices and to be "specially respected".

  Indeed, the sovereign of the people is not Moses as some translators understood it, but exactly Iahve, because Moise has never been appointed to the role of neither sovereign, nor prince, and not even chief of the people. It is only a simple messenger chosen to transmit orders of Iavhe: " And Elohim said moreover to Moses:"You shall say to the children of Isreal,that the Elohim of your fathers , the Elohim of Abraham, the Elohim of Isaac and the Elohim of Jacob has sent me to you..." (Exodus III,15).

  We could quote again many other passages of the A.T. where it is  mentionned the plurality of the Elohim, that henceforth have to be considered as a "united people", very avanced, coming of the sky, and using of spacial vessels like "flying saucers". Indeed the A.T. designates these vessels by words that were available to this period where no technology still exist . These words are: pillar of clouds, pillar of fire, chariots of fire, whirlwinds, power and glory, sheafs of fire, etc...In here are some examples:"By day Iahve went ahead of them the day in a pillar of cloud to guide them on their way and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light, so that they could travel by day or night. Neither pillar of cloud by day nor pillar of fire left its place in front of the people ." (Ex.13: 21 and 22). And we knows that Moise stayed 40 days and 40 nights in this cloud.

  When Iahve was about to take Elijah up to heaven in a whirlwind, Elijah and Elisha, were on their way from Guilgal...". (II Kings ch.2 ver.1)

  " As they were walking along and talking together, suddenly a chariot of fire and horses of fire appeared and separated the two of them , and Elijah went up to heaven in a whirlwing. Elisha saw this and cried out," My father! My father! The chariots and horsemen of Israel!.. " ver.11 and 12)."

  "the chariots of Elohim are tens of thousands and thousands of thousands; the Lord has come from Sinai into his santuary".Psalm 68 ver. 17

  To close this short statement on the Elohim and their power , let us note again the episode where a Elohim get involved in a persistent struggle with Jacob who will assert in Genesis ch.32, ver.30 this surprising thing: " It is I saw Elohim face to face and yet my life was preserved." Consequently this Elohim is undoubtelly only one of the intermediaries between us and the Cosmic God or the Universal Spirit this " Subtle and thinking Energy " situated probably in the fourth dimension or in still more upper dimensions that Jesus-Christ honored and venerates under the denomination of " My Father " and who organizes the World with all material and of spiritual things and that other people call" the Architect of the Universe ".Is-it not written indeed in Matthieu VI-6: "But when you pray, go into your room close the door and pray to your Father who is there in the secret place..."

  Elohim asserts nowhere that he possesses a son called "Jesus-Christ" and conversely Jesus has never told that the "Elohim Iahve" was him spiritual father whose he rejects moreover a priori "the talion's law" : "You have heard that it was said: Eye for eye, and and tooth for tooth. But me I tell you do not resist an evil person..if some one striques you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also." Matthieu V-38. Is-it not this, really, the application of the "Non Violence",a  law, so dear to the Mahatma Gandhi and of which we got pieces of evidence?

  Iahve is therefore only the lord of Elohim, indeed a cosmic master very in advance as compared to us,(having left  may be,  traces of his trip on the Moon  or in the vicinity, on Mars for exemple).Please see about this,  our article on Mars at the adresses:

  where this picture below is taken from:


but who have something in common with a Jupiter or a Zeus of Greek and Latin mythologies and who has chosen to carry all his attention on the Israel Nation and whose he is going to follow until our days seems-it the evolution, to return and choose in the useful time, without any doubt, the good servants.

  Then will appear on the foothills of the Mount Sinai , the "twinkling ufos" or rather as it was told formerly " the flamboyant chariots of Iahve" that will take to the heavens, "the chosen ones". By the way finally , let us remind also to close this short thesis, the prophecy of the St Marc's Gospel on Ch. XIII, vers.26 and 27: "And at that time men will see the Son of Man coming in clouds with great power and glory. And he will send his angels and gather his elect from the four winds..."

  But who will be in this case those elected people?...and will we be able to participate in ?

IV From the existence of a SECRET CODE in the Bible

  In May 1997 appeared at ROBERT LAFFONT'S PUBLISHINGS:"The BIBLE: Secret code ", a surprising book of Mr Michael DROSNIN ancient correspondent of the Washington Post and of the Wall Street Newspaper and who unveiled the discovery in the Hebrew Bible of a secret code clarifying ,there are more of 30 centuries, principal current events and giving the name of celebrities implied with a luxury of unthinkable details. This secret code that was discovered only by using of powerful computers and with highly efficient mathematic has been presented the first time in the American review, SATISTICAL SCIENCE that is the organ of the Institute of Mathematical statistics in its volume 9 nÉ 3 of August 1994 at pages 429 to 438 is presented by 3 eminent researchers Doron   WIztum, Eliyahu Rips et Yoav Rosenberg under the title"Equidistant Letters Sequences in the Book of Genesis." We discover thus for example, that not only the assassination of YITZHAK RABIN is registered there, but also the name of his assassin Amir, the city where has taken place:TEL-AVIV and the year: 1995. But therefore he was warned of this danger that threatened him, the Israeli Prime Minister has nothing been able to do for preventing this murder yet anticipated there is close to 3000 years in the Hebrew text.

  Similarly we find there revelations of assassinations of the Egyptian President Sadate, of the American President Kennedy and of hundred of other events dealing with the second world war, by quoting HITLER the NAZI enemy and his Massacres, passing by the holocaust of Hiroshima, the landing on the MOON.. and even the coming of the SHOEMAKER-LEVY Comet and the date of 16 July 1994 where it was going to knock JUPITER.

  It would be there , tedious to reveal some more and to these who want to go thoroughly into the question, let them consult now the book of M. DROSNIN, and they will go with surprises and surprises.

V Conclusion

  If therefore, the whole of that is true, (and statistical calculations seem to confirm it), it is no longer remaining to us, on the one hand that the next events that threaten us and that will be able to be discovered in this secret code, will not surprise us brutally and that we will be able so to avoid them, if that is possible, or yet at least to lessen their effects, but on the other hand and that is more annoying, it will be necessary to question ourselves on the fact that our ancestors and especially these who elaborated or inspired the hebrew texts , (May-be is it really this lord of the Elohim Iahve who is at the origin of all that), had a flawless mastery of the cosmic laws and especially of those that manage the space-time continum .


  Making out this article on the 15/09/98 and up dating it on the 25/04/2001.


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