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The Atlantis Mystery

I Introduction

    It was during the month of September 1968, that the team of the professor MANSON VALENTINE, working for the Museum of Sciences of Miami in Floride, discovered to the north-west of Bimini, small island by the Bahamas, to approximately 1200 km by our island of Guadeloupe, cyclopean structures immersed to approximately 6 meters under the surface of the sea. This discovery had been given up possible by the use of the engine Remora M-114-E, The under water scooter built by Dimitri Rebikoff, explorer, engineer, a underwater photograph specialist and also by the help of Paul Aranda aviator and of Robert MARX, famous scuba diver, extremely keen in researches into old navigations and into Bahamas islands'underwater archaeology. To see the picture below where you can see two smimmers, on the underwater Bimini's blocs.

II The genesis of the affair.

  This discovery has been get possible thanks to the engine Remora M-114-E , underwater scooter, built by Mr Dimitri Rebikoff , explorer, engineer specialized in the area of the underwater photography and equally thanks to the assistance of Paul Aranda aviator and with Robert MARX, famous scuba diver, extremely keen on researches of ancient navigation and of the underwater archaeology in the Bahamas'islands.

  Finally in 1971, researchers discovered that it concerned a gigantic structure with the form of a great U being able to make office of a port whose the curved jetty measured more than 600 m long with 10 m wide and formed by blocs of stones whose constitution presents no resemblance with the natural formations that they overhang.

  These blocs are regularly aligned, perfectly at rigt angles in their three axes and are bound by a sort cement. Some of them had close to 5 m by side and their thickness varied between 50 and 150 cm, what sometimes corresponded to a mass of approximately 5 tons by bloc.

  In addition it have been observed by undertaking trenches of exploration that some by these blocs were posed on squared pillards of 30 cm height, what would destroy definitively the thesis of some geologists, as the nammed Harrison that straight away without waiting the end of the exploration by the Valentine's team had declared that the wall of Bimini was a set of strictly natural origin. afterwards it have been discovered again in the vicinity of Bimini others structures with linear rectangular, polygonal and even pyramidal forms.

  But what could be the age of these constructions? Dating studies with the carbon-14 estimated that for a depth of 6 m, these structures had to be at the surface there are approximately 10000 years, what does not mean that they had been there erected at this moment . But concerning the builders, it is the most total mystery. Indeed nothing by what we know on the history by the Amerindians (that ascends to approximately 2000 years before J.C.) did not allows us the lesser hypothesis concerning the people that lived to this period and even in Europe none tribe would have been capable in this period to erect a construction as monumental. This is why, it would be better to nip this affair in the bud, as some people have believed to do it easily.

  Some serious reviews some have however suitable state summarily: Science et Vie N°640 de Jan. 1971 - Sciences et Avenir les numéros 286, 291, especially 298 de Dec.1971 then came the book of Pierre Carnac: "L'Histoire commence à Bimini " R. Laffont's publisher 1973.

  It is however to note a strange fact concerning the site of Bimini. On August the 14th of 1926 so 42 years earlier in a statement under hypnosis controled and referenced with the nº 996-1, the fantastic therapy and American medium EDGAR CAYCE revealed that on the plateau of Bimini had existed once a tremendous civilization, (to See if you read french, the remarkable books:"les Mystéres de l'Atlantide revisitée"de E.E Cayce . . .aux Editions de Mortagne, or "L'univers d'Edgar Cayce" de D.K. de BIZEMONT nº 2786, Ed. de poche "J'AI LU New Age") and in 1933, he revealed also that vestiges of Poseidia's temples, submerged portion of Atlantide, have to reappear suddendly from the vase of underwater bottoms near by the island of BIMINI off the Floride land and probably in years 68 or 69.

  All this, seems so, to give him, quite right.

III Conclusion

   Thus therefore, the discovery by cyclopean structures of Bimini, illustrates still admirably, the majestic past of the ancient civilizations, whose it still remaining, unfortunately to reactivate the fleeting and nevertheless proud memory of men, only the alignment of gigantic and still more enigmatic stones.

    Making out this article on the 15//07/1998 et up dating it on the 15/04/2001


  P.S. (12/04/99) Some words of circumstance : " You ask me to speak you about advanced technologies and I reply you this: You can pull out no advantage from advanced  technology without advanced thought . Without evolved thought, the evolved technology does not cause  progress, but  dead...
 You   have already made
this experience on your planet and you are  just on the point to experiment it still... I tell you that,  you already on your planet arrived in  reaching hight level of civilisation -  in fact you had exceed the hight level - to which you are  climbing  slowly now.
 You had on Earth
a civilization more advanced than that  exists now and it destroyed itself . Not only had- it maked it, but it almost destroyed all that which remained also. It  made it because it did not know how to manage the very technologies that it had developed. Its technological evolution was so in advance on its spiritual evolution that it finished by considering the technology as its God.
  The  peoples venerated the technology and whole what it could bring ... They  literally put an end to their world
(according to the "
Conversations with God. and uncommun dialogue" book 3,  1998, by Neale Donald Walsch  from Hampton Road Publishing Company Inc 134 Burgess Lane, Charlottessville , VA 222902 USA.)  

  Beware: This is a french translation. To have the very words used by the author please collect and read the Book in english.

To know some more about it please to see the next book
-"Atlantis( revelations of a lost civilization) 1997 by Shirley ANDREWS from Llewelllyn publication St Paul, MN 55164 USA
- "The Enigma of  Atlantis"   ( from  the research of our origins lost in a planetary cataclysm) a french book  if you can  read it of  Edouard BRASEY 1998 from Pygmalion Publisher.

   Making out this article on the 15/07/1998 et up dating it on the 16/04/2001.


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