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The mystery of the Costa-Rica's perfect spheres

I Introduction

  There exists by the World, a number of astonishing ancient facts, that in the current state of our knowledge, are not explained, as for example, cyclopean walls of Bimini found in 1969 in the Bahamasthe fabulous world maps of Piri Reis of 1513 and 1528 discovered during an inventory on November the 9th of 1929 at the Topkapi's museum at Istambul in Turkey, the surprising outlines of the Nazca's plain in the Andes of Peru which some of them are close to 15 km long.... But the perfect granite spheres with an average of 12 tons discoved in Costa Rica's forests, represent also,until further notice an fantastic enigma whose the official science will have a lot of trouble to find the solution.

II Genesis of the affair.

   By the world, one can discover indeed, often scattered, by accident, and rather in inhospitable regions some objects of perfect geometrical forms, as eggs, circles or spheres. It had been found, for example, some spheres in USA, in the Tennessee, in Arizona, in California and also in Ohio and professor Marcel Homet an archaeologist and author of "The sons of sun" discovered in 1940, in the superior part of the Rio Branco, in the north of Amazonia, a gigantic stone egg, with 100 m long and 30 m high, covered with solar symbol and which is not, said this archaeologist, a nature's caprice,but which necessitated a work of sculpture, lasting on tens years and executed by an incalculable number of artists. But the real archaeological sensation, that questions us now, and that is revealed out by the famous swiss explorer Erich von DANIKEN in his remarkable book "Retour aux Ètoiles" published at R. Laffont in 1971, or more recently at "J'ai Lu" (n° A 322), waits always to be deciphered, in the small state of Costa Rica, in central America. Indeed in the middle of the jungle, on high mountains, in deltas of rivers and on hills, one can discover dispersed here and there, hundred of granit or lava artificial spheres. Their diameters goes from some centimeters to near 3 meters.

   Now the heaviest sphere that had been digged up weighs approximately 30 tons. Voir l'image ci-dessous:

  Erich Von Daniken confesses us, having found some spheres scattered on a flat field, or placed in groups on the summit of various hills. Some of them were always placed at the center of the axis of the hill. He also found many of them grouped, according to a strange order, in the vase of a river, and then in the Diquis's plain, where reigns a torrid heat, he discovered 45 of these spheres cooking under the sun. Erich Von Daniken added to us especially that he had to travel, on the southeast, in the region of Piedras Blancas, through near to 100 km in Landrover, in a hostile jungle, where it was necessary to raise the car with a lever for crossing some bends and so that finally, at a certain moment, this car refused to go more far. And during again a hour walking, helped by an experienced guide who runned ahead him to move aside giant spiders of mortal bites, V.Daniken succeeds to be found in front of two huge perfectly spheres and quite impressive by their masss in the middle of this forest.

  It was justly because these spheres of Piedras Blanca were placed in the deepest of the jungle, that they was worth a try to go, as far, to film them. Indeed, it will be quite necessary to pose now the question to know how these spherical objects, that can not be only artificial and that ascend undoubtedly to a very distant period, have been found projected inexplicably, in this full forest.

Two possibilities are offered then to us :

  Either these spheres had been carved, there are only some hundred years in a distant career (because it don't exist any less than 100 km in the region), from blocs inevitably heavier and exceeding at least 24 tons for the spheres of 2.5 m of diameter,which are heavy, we know it, close to 16 tons. Such a career would not miss to be seen, in reason for the shambles causing with, and then we must just think that these spheres have been transported by a unknown way through the traps of the forest, and abandoned there for an incomprehensible reason; or , and that far exceeds official theses, that these spheres have been placed there, before the growing of this forest,what drives us, in times more than prehistoric where men were no able to elaborate objects with such a geometry as flawless as a sphere.

  By the way, we got to day no explanation from archaeologists on the skilful sculptors and on the technique that they have used to realize these superb spheres of Costa Rica whose we observed, that, whatever is their diameter, none between them presents the lesser irregularity.The perfection of these objects shows effectively that artisans who manufactured them, knew well spacial geometry and got to their disposition a lot of technical well conceived instruments.

   Indeed now, in our period, we can not realize a flawless sphere of 2.5 m of diameter that represents approximately an area of 5 m² and a volume of 8 m³, from a rock as hard as the granit, only by using perfectly programmed machine-tools. It remains therefore to us to discover how these extraordinary artisans arrived to realize these objects with a such mastery and more how some spheres have been transported until to the summit of mountain or also, we already evoked this, in the depths of the virgin forest and for what purpose? A local legend tells that each sphere called Indians-ball or Sky-ball by natives represents the symbol of the day 's star, our Sun. But archaeologists reject this interpretation because according to their opinion, at this degree of latitude, the sun has always been represented by a cylinder, a wheel or a browned disc, but never by a spherical form, no more among Incas, than among Mayas or Asteques. Besides natives themselves disgust to drive visitors on places where are situated these flawless spheres because they consider them as anointed objects and whose sites are taboo sanctuaries.

III Conclusion

  In 1940, the United fruit Company cleared the marchs and the woods of the Cordillera Brunqueraås foot, in the territory of the Rio Diquis and with this opportunity the archaeologist Doris Z. Stone discovered many perfectly artificial spheres. He wrote then a precise report ended by this entirely resigned findings:
"We have to classify the perfect spheres of Costa Rica among the impenetrable mÈgalitic enigmas".

  Here is therefore, a peculiar element that can only invite us again, to question us on the extraordinary past of disappeared civilizations whose the alone stone vestiges, found nowadays, represent already for us, an inconceivable mystery.

  Making out this article on the 30/08/98 and up dating it on the 18/04/2001.


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