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  First let me say to you, that I am a french modest researcher, who find a lot of difficuties to translate his texts in english. Please be indulgent and very kind to indicate me the noted irrgularities. Thanks for that in advance.

  The new knowledge has told-one always had "an sulfur odor " and generally each discovery that comes to put in question the established knowledge is briskly criticized by pontiffs and others supporter of the sitting Science .Three facts, chosen of among hundred, demonstrate it for us well:

  - on the 22 th of June of 1633, the general inquisitive of the Catholic Church condemned Galilee to the perpetual prison because he had upholded the Copernic's theory telling that the Earth turned around of the immobile sun. The sentence specified that this idea was "absurd, philosophically false, formally heretical, and expressly opposite to the Scriptures.."

  On the 7 cardinals who composed the court, three refused to sign the verdict, what is very good for their honor. In fact, the day following, the sentence was commuted by the Pope in a home imprisonment.

  -From the Vth century before J.C, Diogene of Apollonia asserted that "meteors evolved in the space and tombed frequently on the Earth". However the great French chemist of the XVIII th century Antoine Laurent de Lavoisier who had been questionned as the result of the fall of a meteorite in the region, declared: "It is impossible for stones to fall from the sky because there is not any stones in the sky."

  -In 1920 The New York Times' newspaper ridiculed Robert Goddard, the American pioneer of rockets that claimed openly that these machines could travel in the space. The journalist of this period, then explained that Goddard "seemed to miss atrociously of knowledge on the gravity force that was daily teached then nevertheless in the country schools. We know what has happenedon it since our plungging in the spacial era, while regretting, it is true that even the french author Jules Verne has not neither got the audacity to envisage the rocket for his trip to the Moon.

  This Web page is therefore first a homage to the martyrs of all the very marked negativisms and obscurantisms and also it is an invitation for everybody to think about his origins and on his destiny, at the truly close dawn of the year of 2000 where manking is seeking for an other form of deep knowledge that will allow it to transcend the tridimendionnal reality and maybe illusory that subjugates it and makes it anxious daily.

  Could have-it then understand that alone the wholesome curiosity and the joy of the true discovery of the cosmos can maintain for itself, the spirit of free researches and the envy of do not deteriorate itself in fossilized ways of the knowledge and of the routine. The evoked facts in the different articles have been carefully verified as far as is possible and all references are given in addition in order that every one could make its own inquires if it judges it useful and especially to enrich this great adventure of its own experience, by making us participate to it on the Web.

  Let us end by this thought:
  "The very teacher is not that who has the most of knowledge but that who lead the most of peoples to the Knowledge."

  (According to the C.w.G an uncommon dialogue of Neale Donald Walsh Ariane's Publishing )

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