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Astronomical Constants revealed in Sumerian and Maya civilisations.

Extracted from the book of Mr. Chatelain computer scientist of the NASA andspecialist of communications in the space. "Our ancestors who came from the outer space" (R Laffont Publisher's 1975).

I Introduction

  It is a surprising number revealed on Sumerian tablets in cuneiform handwriting (that is to say a writing engraved with a stiletto in corner), found in 1873 by a young English called SMITH in the vicinity of Mossoul close to Bagdad in Iraq. This number will be called henceforth "the Ninive's Constant", from the name of the hill where was discovered these tablets whose the quantity was next to, at this the period, about 33 000 units.

II) The Constant of Ninive.

  This number comprised, by translating it in our decimal system, a length of 15 figures and that was giving: N = 195 955 200 000 000. This number represents therefore exactly 195 955 billions to which it is necessary to add again 200 millions, more than the distance of the Earth to the Sun, if the we had the bizarre idea to express it in millimetres. After having introduced it in a computer, Maurice Chatelain discovered that this number N is equal to 70 x 60 power 7. Then he discovered in addition that N equalled very exactly 2268 millions of days of 86400 seconds each: 24 x 60 x 60= 84600. So N = 2 268 000 000 x 86400.

  The precession of the equinoxes that is at the origine of the turning of the axis of rotation of the Earth around of the ecliptic's pole in 9 450 000 days is approximately all 25920 years , was a phenomenon well known by the Sumerians, although this is a difficult fact fto observe, because the variation runs only on 1 degree for 72 years. This long period of 25920 years being furthermore divided in exactly twelve zodiacal periods of 2160 years. (After the era of Pisces, we enter currently in the Aquarius'era therefore for 2160 years.)
  It was then that Mr Maurice Chatelain had the shock of his life by discovering that 2268 millions of days represented exactly 240 cycles of precession of equinoxes of 9 450 000 days each of 84600 seconds. In other words the Ninive's number represented for the sumerians, 240 cycles of rotation of the seasons around of the zodiacal band, but expressed in time by seconds, instead of the to be in days or in years as modern astronomers make it.In short, this huge number, tells us M. Chatelain, could not be else only the great constant of the solar system that the alchemists, astrologers, and astronomers have tried of to discover since close to 2000 years, while, however odd it may be, their ancetors knew it since more than 3000 years. so N= 240 x 9 450 000 x 86 400.
   Mr. Chatelain discovered also that N = 671 x 3 380 000 x 86 400. But 3 380 000 of days represent 19 conjunctions of Pluton-Neptune, 54 conj. of Neptune-Uranus, 204 conj. Uranus-Neptune, 466 conj. Saturn-Jupiter, 4140 Jupiter-Mars, 10122 Mars-Venus, 23382 Venus-Mercury.
  In addition Mr.Chatelain discovered that 2268 millions of days represent exactly 90720 x 25000 that is to say 25000 cycles of the sidereal revolution of Pluton if the former was of 90720 days instead of to be of 90727 days as think current scientists. But seeing that Pluton has not even carried out a fifth of its revolution around of the Sun, a light error of 7 days in our calculations would be entirely excusable in view of the few information whose the sientists has got currently on Pluton.

III The Mayas'constants.

  On the other hand Mr.Chatelain discovered equally, very strange thing, that the Mayas possessed also two other numbers still greater than the Ninive's N.- 34 020 millions of days, that is to say 15 times the Ninive's N.-147 420 millions of days, that is to say 65 times the Ninive's N. These constants represent similarly, of periods of revolutions and of conjunctions of the various planets longer than those already evoked.

IV Conclusion

  In conclusion all this, leaves no doubt on the fantastic qualities of the sumerian and maya astronomers and gives us a supplementary proof of the fabulous past that is attached to the vanished civilizations of our planet.

  Making out this article on the 20/09/98 and up dating it on the 30/04/2001.


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