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of the "PARIS-MATCH" n° 1028

I Introduction

      The affair of the Watergate, that in 1974 brought out the fall of the president Richard Nixon and that was released by the obstinacy and the laborious ardor of two American journalists, will beconsidered without a doubt as a banal anecdote, when the ins and outs of "the affair of Paris-Match n° 1028" will burst to the daylight. No journalist of profession has until then, neither revealed, nor even, I think, dreamed a day, to have to unveil such an affair. But as tells it so well a sacred text very known "For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known" .

    Here is the first cover of the magazine Paris Match 1028 :

II Genesis of the affair.

     It was in 1972, that I was contacted in Guadeloupe by Mr Michel GIRARD by the intermediary of the "Cercle Français de Recherche Ufologiques (CFRU)" (a ufo association) whose I was, in this period, an active member. At the end of 1973, Mr GIRARD, then a printer, in his function, showed me a strange anomaly, that he came to discover by enlarging a photography of the hidden face of the Moon, published in the n° 1028 of the well-known french magazine "Paris-Match" of the 18th Jan. 1969 . ( To see the picture 1 below :)

     I ordered then immediately this n° 1028, from the Paris-Match publishing house, then, in Paris, that I received without problem, approximately 15 days later. I had then all the leisure, to examine with a lens, the anomaly in question and I saw then, that it would present the aspect of a half "aircraft carrier" being near by 30 kilometers long, and whose the central part, would be constituted of spheres close to 4 km diameter, which were rising may be above by an "gigantic arrow." ( See the two enlargisments below :)

     In the current of second quarter of 1974, the French magazine OURANOS (then organ of the CFRU) publishes thanks to my help, the first very plain photography of what I will call henceforth the "superstructure" of the PM n° 1028.

     Here is the cover of this magazine Ouranos and the picture of April 1974 :


     Then it was the daily paper FRANCE-ANTILLES that published, on the 14th of Fev. 1975, a more detailed article , on this question, article that I had sent to it. Then, two new articles will be published by the same newspaper on 31th of May 1976, and on 22th of August 1979 apon the same subject. Then this will be the French magazine NOSTRA that, like-wise, will publish 2 of my letters, on the 25 July 1979 in the n° 381 and especially on the 8th of Sept. 1983 in the n° 586, with the photography of the "superstructure" in question. Finally the first book, that will speak of this affair, will be that of Mr Alfred NAHON "Les Extra-Terrestres et les mutations mondiales de l'ère du verseau" published, only in french, by Buchet-Chastel on Jan 1983 p.160:

     We pay tribute to him also in publishing his picture :


     Let us remember that Alfred Nahon, was the first author who publish the catalog of lunar anomalies according to a report from NASA, (nearly 570 cases of bright shiny spots and temporary changes on the Moon from 1725 to 1967), in a remarkable book published in 1973, at MONT BLANC Publishing in Switzerland and entitled: "La Lune et ses défis à la science".(The Moon and its challenges to science)

     As for know if this "superstructure" is natural or artificial, alone the scientific study of the negative slide of the NASA used by Paris-Match for publish this part of the hidden face of the Moon on the page 33 of this n° 1028, will be able to solve this capital question. But here is where the affair takes a peculiar turn, this negative slide is unobtainable, and even the current archives chief of Paris-Match can not give details on coded references of this slide, neither even on the precise destination that has been given to it, after its utilization by this magazine.

     My friend Jean SIDER, author of several books very documented on the ufos (and especially "ULTRA TOP-SECRET ces ovnis qui font peur", prefaced by the famous french enthomologist Mr Rémy CHAUVIN aux Editions AXIS MUNDI in 1990) having made feet and hands to find this negative slide in the town of Paris and also from the NASA and finally he had to abandoned his researches, because all cliches dispatched by the Nasa no longer presenting nothing, to the same site where was supposed to be this "superstructure"; on the Paris-Match 1028. See the red circle of the Nasa below :

     But please see also the Nasa picture below :

     But it is to notice, that inside this red circle, we have just drawed, we are showing a sort of a caracteristic ring which would indicate the result of an application of a king of pastille which would be just a camouflage.      It remains to us however, the possibility to resort to a computer image processing, that only, could have restore to us the fineness sought-after of the lines of this cryptic superstructure . All assistance in this area, obviously, would be also the welcome.

     To close this statement, let us note however that soon, as far back as May 1969 Mr Guy TARADE , the french esoterist writer, whose the reputation is no longer to do, pose to us the question in order to know, if the astronauts of this justly Apollo 8 's mission, Jim Lowell, Frank Borman and Bill Anders had not discovered a ufo basis on the hidden face of the Moon. (To see his remarkable book and nevertheless very difficult for find : " Soucoupes volantes et civilisations d'outre-espace "(Flying Saucers and civilizations from over-space), published by "J'ai Lu " n°: A 214 )

      Indeed, the 25 th of Dec. of 1968 exactly 93 h 02 mn after the taking off from the Kennedy Cape , despite instistent and reiterated calls of the Houston Center, the Appolo 8's cabin that was about nevertheless to exit from the electromagnetic cone shade of the Moon, stayed desperately silent, during close to five endless minutes

     Then the commander of the shuttle, Lowell pronounced the unexpected sentence and entirely peculiar, while Houston requested him once again to take contact with the Earth :

"We have been informed that Santa Claus indeed exists"

     It is more than certain that this word of "santa claus" represented a code, because, on the one hand, this word had already been used by an other astronaut Wally Shirra on "Sigma 7 cabin" in Oct 62 while a non identified flying object approached near his engine , and on the other hand, when Lowell pronounced the incredible sentence above-mentioned, télémétric controls have proved, at this very moment, that he was just receving an strenuous emotion . But let us quote this significant passage Mr TARADE's book :

     " his pulse reached 120 pulsations by minute while during the preceding 93 hours, his cardiac rhythm had always been normal. It is almost certain that the crew of Apollo 8, has seen on our satellite, fantastic things but it is too early to render public these discoveries that would risk to lose completly the balance of our society. ".

     Mr Tarade
was doing here without doubt, allusion to the conclusions of a voluminous report published in Dec. 1960 after an inquiry that has costed close to 200 000 dollars by the Brooking Institute in USA telling that :

     " The discovery of a race of superior beings in the Universe could have cause the collapse of the terrestrial civilization...and that could have happen at every moment.. Even on our planet, societies have disintegrated themseves, when they have been confronted with a superior society... (to see the Incas, the Aztecs...etc). ".

     This was true at a period, but can-one today qualify of a morally superior society, a civilization that to impose its life system, (as have made it Christoph Colombus, Cortes and others Pizarro.) is going to destroy physically with its most modern arms, an other civilization less advanced : "The reason of the strongest is-it a cosmic law " that is applying everywhere without exception and without pity ?

     If at the period of the cold War where this Brooking report has been constituted, it could be possible to hold this language, 30 years later and seing events that have taken place since, as for example the fall of the Berlin wall of and the disappearance of the USSR and the considerable efforts made by the UNO and other nogovernmental Organisms, to preserve minorities of this planet not-is it henceforth urgent to finish a bit with this secret policy advocated by some "great powers states", policy that has only for purpose to divide men and better enslave them, and also to prolong a frantic rush to apocalyptic arms , rush that could only, a day, generate of a planetary holocaust ?

     Alone the awareness "that we are not alone in the Universe" and that "the choice of a best life exists elsewhere", out of our small planet, will be able therefore to break this excessive pride that characterizes the mandarins that govern us and to oblige them to blow up the physical and also psychological, frontiers that they have slyly installated to separate all these earthlings who require only to live in peace for an entire humanism in a nature always more generous, but unfortunatly more and more polluted and that however begins to give the very signs of breathlessnesss. Our children will not hesitate to ask us for explanations, when the time comes , if we delay each time this burst of dignity and remission to save what we can still save of our beautiful Planet..

III Revealing continuation

     On the 8th of February of 1999, I receved from my friend Fabrice Bardeau author of many books and especially at R. Laffont's publishers "the secret keys of the Ancient's chemistry", a photocopy of the page 33 of one Paris-Match n° 1028 that he has had the opportunity to discover in a pack bought in bulk of several Paris-Match magazines. But what was not my surprise with, to discover at the exact place of the superstructure that there was a white stain which is the characteristic of a notorious deletion without doubt executed with a scalpel on the negative before developing, or on the magazine itself. To see the picture below :

     Analyses are going to be released to clear this matter up, that relaunches the suspense of this affair to a very surprising level.

     On August 2 of 2000, I received from an engineer and webmaster friend the very rich following information of which I highlited with colors the main passages :

> Dear Fred,
I looked with great interest at your site at :

, and I was stunned by the article concerning the presence of a about 30 km long "artefact" on the moon, discovered onto a picture of Apollo 8 published in Paris-Match (PM) n° 1028. I then decided to investiguate this extraordinary case in depth, and here is what I found:

1°) - I sought from the Web all the Apollo 8 images available, especially on the site of Malin Space Center :

And on the NASA site : Alas, the image: is "troncated" at the right, precisely where that which is interrested could have be ...

At least, I found that the brilliant crater on the top right side is the crater Joliot-curie : this , allowed me to search the images from the Clementine lunar probe, available at the "Clementine image browser" :

     The interesting point is at Latitude 27° North and at longitude 235 East.

     But the Clementine images did'nt show anything special at this place (at maximum resulotion of 1Km/pixel). Of course this could have been forged. But I used a quantitiy of numeric filters and did not found anything abnormal.

2°) I then decided to seek for the 1028 issue of Paris Match, which I found yesterday in a secondhand trade 500 m far of my home (!) in a batch of a hundred old issues of this review. Indeed, there is "something" at this place on the published photograph. There does'nt seem to have any forgery. But I also noticed that:

- the photograph is a photograph full page of almost all moon, the interesting object measuring less 4mm on this page.
- the photograph has a very average quality :

One finds there in particular many stripes and even a stuck hair (at bottom right).

- this photo was taken through one of the port-hole of Apollo, these port-holes were unfortunately often covered with mist, with the result that the resolution is not fantastic. It should not be forgotten that, contrary to the digital images taken by the space probes, "true" photographs are physical objects which can be polluted by later handling, voluntary or not. My tentative conclusion is that the artifact published in PM can have four origins:

a) A stripe or a pollution(grease, piece of hair) on the negative or on print which that was used for photocomposition.

b) A reel object, located on the moon, the dimensions of which would be gigantic
c) A space object, located between Apollo and the Moon at the time the photo was taken
d) A trace on the port-hole of Apollo.
     In such a case, the right attitude to adopt is systematic doubt :

      the most likely hypothesis are a) or d). Then, there is no more mystery...

     As a conclusion : If any OTHER available photo would show the same artefact, we had to cancel this tentative conclusion. But in the absence of such a picture, you must keep doubting...

     I therefore searched my personal library for Moon pictures. Since it is one of my favorite interests, I have many of them, specially in press books from Times and Associated press, and I did not find anything strange.

" Doubt is the engine of science. Imagination is its fuel. Certainty is its brake.".

     It should be said clearly that the concept of"artefact" is only an hypothesis

           Serge Boisse.

End of the Serge Boisse's missive.

     Thanks to Serge Boisse for his specialised analysis that finally a real scientific dared to do. It is clear that any further comments on the matter would be welcome.

      But on 7th of August 2000, we received from Serge Boisse, the surprising letter following :


     I have carefully studied the pictures of the probe clementine taken at the point vhere should be the "artifact" of Paris Match 1028, and my surprise was to find precisely where I was looking and with the good guidance, ground track of "something" who disappeared between 1968 and 1994, but whose geometry coincides perfectly ..


      End of the text of Serge from the 7th of August 2000 .

      To learn more about this new event, we invite you to read the article site Serge Boisse at the following address :

IV Other surprising extension.

      The 18th of Sept. 2000, we received from a friendly internaut whom we can not give the name, (but we pouurions say he has been investigator in the journal very serious ufology LDLN), the incredible following missive :


     Just to let you know that in 1991, I had handled the original photos concerned, that a friend handed to me by someone from NASA. These photos were more numerous (about ten) and they was parting from the global side of the the moon, to achieve them selves with a zoom of what might be described as tanks or vats on the sides of the object.

     Since I am trying desperately to find pictures of the area in question but obviously everything has disappeared ... one wonders why ...??

     In any case, bravo for your investigation and your very interesting site.

           Soon .....

      And here is my answer to this internaut on Monday the 18th of Sept 2000.

     Dear Mr.

     I fell backwards, following your message. We made scrambling to find the original slide page 33 of the PM 1028 and you say that you have had it in hand with others in addition ? It is simply incredible.

     If you want I mention in my article, and this would be great and you would be and emulate of the scientist J.F. Gille, which has not hesitated to put one's foot in it (see my article on him). I am waiting to get from you more details of your incredible incident, and I remain confident that in your next missive you will tell me more about this, from which I am still stunned.

          Yours faithfully :


     End of the letter of 18 Sept. 2000.

Now judge yourself, have on hands, may be, "substantial éléments".

      For the persons that would want to obtain this famous number 1028 of 18 January 1969 it is useful to contact first :

"La plus grande Librairie d'occasion de Paris"
31 rue Lecuyer
93400 Saint Ouen
Tel : 01 40 11 95 85
fax : 01 40 10 07 89

     To see also :

"La boutique des archives de la Presse"

51 rue des archives 75003 Paris .
Tel : 01 42 72 63 93
Fax : 01 42 72 93 73

email :

     And directly at the Paris-Match's site :

 et  or directly on the page :

     You can also find this Paris-Match at :

V Last extraordinary rebound dated on the 20th October 2001.

     From my friend Roch Saüquere, I received the following paragraph :

     "I was surprised to find recently on a U.S. website which aims to search for anomalies aliens in our solar system, this amazing structure we denounce the presence long clearly visible on the Paris Match 1028.

     My surprise legitimate before such a "combination of circumstances" would reach its peak on reading the comments accompanying the photo on the site. Indeed, this structure presented in 1996 at a press conference by RICHARD C. Hoagland, author and head of U.S. website, was photographed, either by the Apollo 8 mission, as was the case for Paris Match, but by the Apollo 10 mission! See the image below :

     The reference to the original photo of NASA, which is found in the bank of images available on the Web by the hotel itself is : AS10-32-4822. (On 23/12/08, Christian super-Webmaster of Macedonia site tells us that this picture is located at: and that the catalog of Apollo missions, renumérisées is: )      It turns out that the "Castle" (and was named the structure in question by Mr. HOAGLAND was then 9 miles above the lunar soil)      As I suspected, it is indeed a mobile structure, which fully justifies its disappearance from the area where she was photographed for the first time by members of Apollo 8. This astonishing discovery also means that if they went for remaining in his place, the structure of Paris-Match in 1028 has not left the region of the moon between these two historic missions.
     I would add to the attention of skeptics who might tend to see evil everywhere, RICHARD C. Certainly does HOAGLAND never heard of the site ARTivision let alone this case in this article. Otherwise, I have no doubt that he would be eager to inform its many readers, adding (if necessary) to his prestige as a researcher.

     So? we still can reasonably speak of a "stain" on the plane or on purpose? Can we speak of a lack of film? Even if it is not absolutely impossible, recognize that it is now very difficult to defend from the point of view of probabilities. It would be really the height of irony if twice at two different Apollo missions, simple film defects had formed the same complex structure with the same size Moreover, as far as we can judge on the photos that we unfortunately do not have the technical details.

     The fact that this American author has deemed important to speak of this structure in a press conference, then on its site, and in two cassettes entitled The Moon-Mars Connection 'm inclined to think that the insistence of our friend Fred Idyll, want to clarify the case of Paris Match in 1028 is far from being completely empty and meaningless.

See the image below :

     In conclusion of this paragraph, I propose this final question : is this the same structure, or a similar structure smaller ? If so, then we would be before the indisputable evidence of a lunar activity.

     Surely, once again, this famous chance that we played another round and that encourages us to continue more than ever our quest to disclose the truth about the mysteries of Moon. "

End of the paragraph sent by Roch Saüquere.

     So thank you and bravo to the friend Roch for his outstanding contribution to this article.

     On the other hand, to have the certainty that a "non identified submarine" may has intervened in the corridors of Paris-Match to make disappear the negative slide of the photography of the page 33 of the n° 1028 a discreet inquest, would be issued necessary and it could have allow, in addition, to determine the next points:

1º) It would be very interesting to know, if possible, how much copies of the n° 1028, it had been drawn in this period for the exit of 18 jan. 1969? This number is without doubt near to a million of copies and especially how much is it resting now, in stock.

2º) Is it possible to know what has become the WORLD BOOK Agency that would have lended, so appears-it, the unobtainable negative slide to Paris-Match
3º) Is it possible to find still, the trace of Mrs ou Miss Monique VALLS who wrote , at this time, the article page 33 of the n° 1028 and who presented then the admirable photographs of the hidden face of the Moon, that we had no longer ever meet later in Paris-Match and who knew without doubting the last address of Word Book?
4º) It would be finally also judicious to verify, if Paris-Match is worth keeping in its archives of the slides of those others pictures of the Moon appeared in pages 35, 37, 39 of the famous n° 1028.

III Conclusion

     If this last points, would prove themselves positive, this occurrence would teach us, without the shade of a doubt that one hides us, in "High Spheres" things of a capital importance for all the Humanity, and in this case, it belongs to all person, attentive to discover the lesser detail, even tiny, in this affair, to inform us, about it, the most rapidly possible, in order that this fact, would burst out, a near day, this truth that seems nevertheless still incredible and so inaccessible.

     If you want to know more about the Moon and the cosmic questions please have the boldness to click on the addresses below :

And still in french to be translate :

     If you want to know others sites of the cosmic questions please have the boldness to click on the addresses below :

VII Reversing a very daring paragraph of our article mondeillusion.html .

     In effect on the 8th of Sept 08, we have placed our article mondeillusion.html the following paragraph :

Start of the citation :

XI When Paris Match looks for to boost its printing by a media coup very controversial (on the 8th of sept 08).

     On 4th of Sept 08, we learned, the presentation in Paris Match magazine, of a report made by journalists showing developments of Taliban insurgents who have recently decimated in an ambush, French militaries in operation in Afghanistan. The Channel I TV, we can find out more :


     General Outcry of the nomenklatura political, social and military (and some painfully families directly affected by this tragedy), who rise up directly against the free publicity made to the insurgents who have got largely benefit. The journalists speak of press freedom and professional integrity, aiming to ensure a journalistic vision on both sides. Since we are in an article speaking of illusion, we will see that this so-called freedom of the press, cited by these journalists is a trompe l'oeil, and we urge below, these journalists to prove we otherwise ...

     We are not going forth here on the right of journalists, to do whether or not this report, or the opportunity that has driven the Taliban, to highlight their legitimacy.

     The site ARTivision, of course, in any case can only protests against any religious community or not, who despises the human dignity of women by banning such as the right to protection and especially instruction in all areas of knowledge in any discipline whatsoever.

     On the other hand the Westerners so proud of their culture and who want to impose it to others people, should first sweep in front of their door, and remember the countless conflicts and massacres of their populations that are due, (See, for example, how have been swept ameridians, who also had the right to live on the land of their ancestors before the arrival of pioneers and other conquistadors armed to the teeth to remove them), and abuses for which they are responsible for centuries for reasons of ethnic and religious first and then economic, and that continues ... (See what is happening in Bosnia, and it proves that nothing has changed).

     The article on the illusion that you are reading right now, is a philosophical ésotérico article launched by the greatest chance, and we are seeing gradually that has it get its reason to existe. In fact this article is for ARTivision, a springboard to a return apon the shenanigans leaders (political, scientific, religious, etc. ..) in our society who are well, we know it now, the "merchants of illusion " that fill their pockets with dollars, forcing us "to beleave that the moon is made of green cheese"

     For ARTivision which attempts to read between the lines, it seems that this unusual action, from the Paris Match's journalists, is aimed in a straight line, to asume the permanence of the slogan of this review :

"The weight of the words and the shock of the pictures "

and obviously to increase up the printing of the magazine in question.

     We had on the 11th of Oct. 01, in our article, dilemmePM.html, openly and without concession, stigmatized, the mercantile attitude of the magazine at the arrest by the Taliban, of a Paris Match's journalist, named Michel Peyrard, and two of his companions of Pakistan, journalists also, (but oddly whom names were not disclosed at the time). Briefly recall (this case is already almost buried in mud from the past) that these journalists (And we believe that was to put highlight on the the famous motto of Paris Match quoted above, and also obviously for inflating the printing of the magazine. ), wanted to enter, dressed in a crisis region of Afghanistan, and they had just escaped a total stoning by the angry crowd because they were then regarded as terrible plague. (Apparently it does not seem not be the case for the present journalists).

     But let us review here, some of which we advanced in this report :

Starting citation :

     " But now that we are currently facing one of the of the most serious world crises and it is no longer appropriate to the timid, or to put as the ostrich the head in the sand, for not seeing danger. How indeed stop this cycle , which goes to émailler international political life and without doubt until the final apocalyptic explosion, which Rasera everything on this planet and sleep for ten thousand years at least, as we have already stated, (see our article: reveutopique.html), as has already happened in the times and unfortunately forgotten humanity.
" attacks, bombings , reprisal attack and re-reprisal " which studded along the international political life and without doubt until the final apocalyptic explosion, which will raze to the ground everything on this planet and sleep it for ten thousand years at least, as we have said (see our article: reveutopique.html), as has already happened in the times and unfortunately forgotten by humanity.

     We therefore regret once again that human beings will have to suffer the throes of an evil system phantasmagorical, which covers only the immediate benefit, and that pushes people like pawns in a chess board, with all the risks it has to see these pieces be put off. We bring here to the families of these journalists all our sympathy in the terrible anguish that hugs them right now, as elsewhere, we give our warm consideration to all those who mourn their wounded, dead or missing in the explosion of violence which is fusing everywhere at the moment.

     Paris Match had better things to do to avoid the spiral in which are now the journalist and his Pakistani ... ".

End of citation.

     We are fairly certain that if this magazine Paris Match had taken into account, there are already nearly 7 years, our exhortation, the current French families in distress would not cry in their recent missing in Afghanistan because the political, economic and military world face , was changed (obviously after some hesitation and procrastination quickly bayayés), and then take the human conscience that they are all brothers of heart on this planet, and that long ago, they are monitored and "suggestione" by the Gods of Over-space, which we consider us as mentally retarded, because of the aberrant actions of our leaders, who obviously take the opportunity to enrich themselves through arms dealers and other actors of global pollution, which we hide this truth known (by them) for ages. These leaders do not disclose this, because, of course, this will weaken their authority and ability to lead us by the nose.

     We can therefore this again, only to challenge journalists who wanted to boost their prestige by this ridiculous account in Afghanistan, if, in their next report (where they will not at all to risk their lives unnecessarily to view the famous slogan above their review) to go just in the center storage of the former number of Paris Match and to subtract the n° 1028 of 18 January 1969 and to photographin page 33, on the upper right quadrant this incredible superstructure that is reproduced here in view once more (the subconscious accommodate it seems perfectly repetition to grasp the essential), given its importance (and it would be very appropriate to bring it into 3D in this report):

     Anyway, we are absolutely certain that, the more these journalists refuse to show the world this fantastic superstructure, and (ironic thing) from their own periodical, the more they will be discredited (and asked to keep silent), when they want take the train in motion that just is going increasingly (and ARTivision trying to say and show regularly). Mark my words...

     On 17th of Sept 08, we were able to obtain only the Paris Match No. 3095 of 11 to 17 September 2008, which followed that with the highly controversial report on the Taliban.
     Here is a banner of this magazine :

      For ARTivision this n° 3095 , is probably more interesting than the previous one, because Paris Match gave his reasons for publishing the very controversial report, and that is explained by a variety of stakeholders. Here is also an excerpt on page 40, of the the reasons given by the Director of the current Editor :

     We highlighted in red some assertions of this text and you can read this :

"By publishing in our last issue a report on the commando which Taliban on August 18, mounted the ambush against our soldiers in the valley Uzbin, Paris Match was first to respond to the duty to inform. This requirement truth binds us to sixty years since French "

     And underneath, it is written, thissublime sentence : "In Paris Match, the truth is the show."

     We hope therefore that this beautiful motto, will apply in the context of n° 1028 of 18 January 1969 mentioned above. So wait and see.

     But this number in 3095, unfortunately, we were unable to find an e-mail from any employee of Paris Match that could follow the letter for Mr Olivier Royant or the journalist Eric de Lavarène and either the photographer Veronique de Viguerie of Paris Match, the two latter have been at the origin of the disputed report.

     So if someone got the great privilege of knowing the e-mail of an any journalist of Paris Match, we hope so much, he may invite the journalist to consult paragraph XI above which follow, of our the french article :

     Then we hope that this journalist will able to have the courage to send this url to the editor or to the bold journalists of the report on the Taliban. Thank you in advance ...

     End of the paragraphe.

     Making out this article on the 28/08/1998 and up dating it in english, on the 21/10/2001 , then the 08/02/03, then 31/07/03 , then the 14/09/04, then 20/10/04 then the 25/05/05, then the 03/06/06, then 20/08/06, then the 13/12/06, then the 28/02/08, then the 05/03/08, then the 24/03/08, then the 26/12/08, then the 21/03/09, then the 26/03/09, then the 25/11/22.


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