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I Introduction

  The ERTS Satellites (Earth research technical satellites) launched by the NASA are conceived to photograph, in aim of research, the topography, resources, agricultural potentials, waters and forests of the planet. So, on December the 30 th of 1975, the ERTS Landsat II,, took by the favor of its normal activity, from approximately 1000 kilometers high, a series of photographies of a region, situated approximately by 13 of South latitude and 7130' of West longitude, over the jungles of the southeast of Perou.

II The genesis of the affair

On one of these phototographies, it is seen a series of eight unexplained equidistant marks, adjusted on two straight lines with a perfectly parallelism. (To see picture 1 below:)

  Calculations made by the Andin Archaeology Institute of Lima estimated that each point represents an object of a slightly inferior height to that of the great pyramid of Gizeh in Egypt.

  In connexion with , planes and helicopters flying to a weak altitude that flyed over these objects and observed that it concerned pyramids covered of trees and brambles.(To see the picture 2 below:)


and that they were not only of the number of eight, but twelve, because four others smaller were aligned equally by the side of the great eight pyramids and did not appear on the photograph of Lansat. And this is not all. Two huge rectangular formations covered with vegetation . (To see the picture 3 below:)

      and two others of semicircular
form are rising on the south, in the immediate surroundings and seem to be also a part of the revealed complex .

  Several expeditions have been setted-up to access by earth to this region and they have been forced to abandon their progression, after the death or the disappearance of some explorers, because besides of snakes and poisonous insects, there is the presence of due hostile Indians nammed"Machiguenga " who oppose them to the intruders with the help of blowguns armed with poisoned arrows . (To see the book " Atlantis the 8th continent "of Charles BERLITZ).

III Conclusion

  If , after analysis on the ground, and when it will be possible, it would be quite proved that these structures constitute a part of an architectural collocation, the obviousness of their very great antiquity, will at once, compel to us, because one does not see how it can be possible to construct such pyramids in the full forest. Let us wish finally that this affair will be rapidly explained, because it invites us, as many others, to discover the surprising and fabulous destiny of the ancient and unknown civilizations of our planet.

  Making out this article on the 15/08/98 and up dating it on the 17/04/2001.


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