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Seven reasons to hide the existence and the salvage of ufos.

1st reason.

  The ovnis have violeted shamelessly our aerial space and have thus put in accusation the efficiency of our National Defense system. Citizens do not have to know what has been past before we find the parade. One knows that for businesses still more banal, the govement has evoked crying for it recently, in France, the Defense secret in order that the public does not knows not at all what is happening in Secret Services.

2nd reason.

  The ovnis have a technological advance very superior of ours and if one arrived to determine their functioning that would allow the country that has recuperated wrecks of ovnis to make a considerable jump in the knowledge of the cosmos and would carry especially the power of this country at a unimaginable level in front of the other nations of the Earth. This "ufo affair" is therefore in general, the highest classified subject of Secret Services that is to say the "Very Top Secret" subject of the country. (To see the french book: Ultra Top-secret ces ovnis qui font peur of Jean SIDER AXIS MUNDI Publisher.)

3rd reason.

  If one revealed to the great public the existence of others beings coming from extraterrial worlds that could have create a generalized panic consequence of a collective hysteria, because some persons would think that these outspace beings, have came for invade , and decimate us as that arrived on the 30 October of 1938 when Mr Orson Welles launched on the CBS waves, his famous radio-adaptation very realistic of the well-known novel of H.G.WELLS :"The War of Worlds". Thousands of panic-stricken citizen believing to hear a reporting on the arrival of Martians, threw themselves out on roads, asking for, gas masks to the the overloaded police and precipitating themselves , all at a loss, in full night, in churches for praying and beleaving that their last hour had arrived. This panic has elsewhere repeated, in a lesser scale it is true, the 29 December of 1985 in Finland when the radio broadcasted a of fiction play on the nuclear war between the Superpowers.

4th reason.

  Economic consequences of the revelation of the effective existence of the extraterrials beings would be entirely disastrous. The currencies would fall brutally and the Stock Exchange balance already very precarious would not delay to transform itself into a gigantic financial crash that would reach the whole planet. On 19th of October in 1987, still called the " Black Monday", in 24 hours, the crisis the most murderess of the Stock Exchange history took place and this very day , the world capitalization of the actions that is to say , the global value attributed to the totality of enterprises quoted in the Stock market has been amputated of 1000 billion of dollars, so the equivallent of the amount of the debt of the Third World countries. A monumental sum, fleeing in a wink, in smoke (to see the n° of the Express¹ revew of 30 October in 1987). This therefore is still an evident proof that this ³things standing² can not certainly be allowed by current authorities, who are worrying to master efficiently, the economic flows of the country.

5th reason.

  Authorities can think that residents of others planets transport on them or in their unknown machines unknown virus on Earth that could have kill all the Humanity if these viruses had the opportunity to escape from the refrigerated caissons where are preserved the recuperated bodies of the extraterrial beings. These bodies and their carrier vessels have therefore to remain hidden in sterilized places until this we will be sure of their absolute biological neutrality. If it is without no doubt, one of the reasons advanced in priority, to subtract recuperated bodies out of the view of curious, several decades after, this reason no longer holds obviously.

6th reason.

  Residents of the other planets would be considered as Gods and from the whole world every person would want to see them and to admire them. Gigantic pilgrimages would take place for the site where, they would be exposed and the authorities are not ready, to organize great assemblies of populations on the "Top-Secret areas" where are currently preserved the extraterrial remains and it would be so necessary to carry themselves elsewhere and to confess thus, that the sovereign people has been well and truly flouted and ridiculed.

7th reason.

  The revelation of the existence of extraterrial beings coming from the outspace is going to upset totally our ideas and the basis of our knowledge. All our Past History would be entirely to revise if these beings have intervened centuries ago in progress of our civilization (to see on my Web-page this subject, for example, the enigmas of Elohim, Dogons, and Ummits), and most of pontiffs people that hold keys of our knowledge are not quite prepared to make this heartrending revision . They delay therefore in flawless agreement with the Army, the longer time possible this dramatic instant by blocking all circuits of distribution of this information. It is as well as formerly, than theorist most of the "Flat Earth", had to proceed and who even so have been denyied formally, in the period of the great maritime expeditions, and who have had however to throw into the fire all their outdated works.


  Making out this article on the 15/09/98 and up dating it on the 18/04/2001.


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