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The Rose C.'s incredible adventure

I Introduction

  Rest assured, it is not here question of the Rose Calvert of the famous film "Titanic" of James Cameron who knew to make us, so well, live again in 1998, a memorable tragedy. We waited however, yet a long time, before throwing out on the Web, the history which will be told to you here because it is so fantastic, that it exceeds far away, all that you can imagine as regards on adventures and cosmic knowledges. But now we have to act quickly, if it is learned that the principal witness of this history will be 72 years old in the year 2000 and that the people who knew her, young woman, should not be now quite numerous any more, to confirm the unimaginable facts of this history, which one however finds remarkable correlations in the revolutionary theory, the most advanced, ever emitted, of two Soviet scientists: Mikhail Vasin and Alexander Chtcherbakov and whose the hypothesis was however formulated since 1968 by Jean SENDY (to which we pay homage here ) on page 110 of its book "the Moon, key of the Bible" edited by JULLIARD'S Limited.)

   Rose Ccould she know, this theory in July 1970, year in which the "Sputnik magazine"published it for the first time in Russian language? Did Rose C speak about her adventure (of April 10, 1952) with somebody of other before 1970? Could her also read the book of J. SENDY into 68? Only the people having known her between 52 and 68, can confirm this, to us. If we could find only one of them that would be a advanced proof, that all that is not science-fiction. The esoterist writer well-known Guy Tarade, who prefaced the book of RoseC published under the title "Rencontre avec les extraterresres" of ROSE.C by the "Editions du Rocher " at the beginning of 1979 (unfortunately, non translated in Enghish) and telling the history which is summarized below, has claimed to have known Rose C for "several years" and could so, confirm our interrogation, if he eventualy has the opportunity to get in our site, which is besides, an open forum, where each one must bring its small stone. The Web is used, before anything else, for this. We thus invite any person having information on this subject , to contact us , because it goes there from our wholesome search of the truth and even, you will realize it thereafter, for our best understanding of our Universe

II genesis of the affair.

     It is on April 10, 1952, we know it already, that Rose who was 24 years old at the time, having left her daughter who was on holiday, with her family in-laws, and on her father's recommendation, left her house of the suburbs of Nîmes (after having made some provisions for two or three days and having bought a fashion catalogue) to go, accompanied with, thing of capital importance, two dogs and with her bicycle, a few kilometres from there, in a small dwelling family of Provence where was drawinp up two constructions, the large and small " mazets ". In Provence, one names a " mazet ", a small construction, lost in the scrubland, and comprising only one large room with a chimney, a sink, as well as a very summary furniture (wall cupboard, beds, table, chairs). To reach her destination, Rose was to leave the main road, then to take steep and sinuous paths. After two full hours, walking, while pushing her bicycle, she arrived around one hour p.m. The dogs was drawing their tongue, and Rose immediately went to seek to them, water in the well . After having installed herself in the large mazet and having fed the dogs, Rose have a bite to eat, and rest some more, then went to small mazet closed for a long time, where she have to get back the wool of an old mattress to make packages of it in order to reconstitute some larger for her daughter in Nîmes. Dust, cobwebs and dungs of rats, were spreading out a bit everywhere, but the old mattress was rolled up there in a protective cover. Rose inspected it a little and also the surroundings, leaffed through a little her catalogue, but as it was already a little late to start the dismantling of the the mattress, she decided to come back the " large mazet" by leaving the catalogue on an old commode, and locked of with a turn, the door and placed the key under a flat stone not far from there. when arrived at the large Mazet, the fallen night, she lit two candles, installed an old cover for the dogs under the table, closed shutters and doors and slipped into the old bed to apreciate of an obvious deserved rest.

  How long she slept ? She could not say it, but she was awaked by the growl and the agitation of the dogs, scraping the door with their legs, to leave. Rose taken her flashlight, get herself dressed again quickly and thinking that this would be a couple of rabbits passing by near the place, she decided to half-open the door, for having a little glance, which gave the dogs, the possiblility to slip in single file in direction of the "small mazet" and they vanished in the night. Not seeing them comming back, after a lot of minutes, Rose after many hesitations, decided to go to see what happenned, by thinking that the small mazet did not have really anything which can attract a robber, and as she knew each small nook of the ground, she could always camouflage herself some where to observe what occurred.

  Seizing her flashlight and her impermeable, she left furtively, avoiding the least noise. While approaching a small wall, she straightened up a little, on tiptoe, in order to try to distinguish something, when suddenly, she was dazzled by a flash of white light which illuminated all around in a slipt second. She did only just had regain consciousness, when a voice murmured very close to her :

" What are you doing here? "

"And you so?" she retorted while looking in the direction of the voice, where it then distinguished a man from normal size of approximately 1,70m vétu of dark and which had not expressed any gesture of aggressiveness.

" It is quite good that one! I am here on my grounds and it is with me to require what made you there at similar hour!" It continued.

  The dogs recognizing the voice of their mistress, arrived while jappant and set out again at once, but a pressed grass noise was made hear behind Rose who while turning itself have the most beautiful fright of its life. A gigantic being between 2m30 and 2m40 tall was held close to her and caught her by the neck with enormous hands without tightening too much, nor to make him of evil. Then it it relacha by pronouncing some words in an unknown language in direction of the normal man who declared:

   " In his opinion, you are very afraid. One should not. We do not intend to make you evil. Fear-nothing. "

  In spite of these reassuring words, Rose was liquified with fear and was unable, neither to answer, neither to shout, nor to even move. At this point in time, another giant who dialogued in this same language, with the two others arrived. And the normal man began again:

   " Especially you reassure, you do not have anything to fear us, we are peaceful. Do my friends ask, if you did not have some old books to give us? Any books... "

   " I have some books, but they are in bad condition." known as Pink painfully.

   " would you Like to have the kindness to give them to us? It would be a immence service which you would return to us there!

  An immense service for old books devoured by the rats!... Did that made smile Rose and while trembling, it raised the question to know which was these people, from which come to claim such a strange thing? Then these books? known as again the normal man who had continuation in the ideas.

   " They are in this mazet. Let us go there, if you hold to with it so much?" Rose retorted.

  While moving towards the building of small the mazet, another appeared giant and very odd thing the dogs went to him by stirring up the tail, as if they were accustomed to meeting giants with all the corners of streets.

   " But finally, which are you thus? From which do you come? How are you up to now come?" questioned Rose.

   " - We come from up there " known as the average man by indicating the sky.

   " - You come from the Moon?" Rose retorted who realized by looking towards the sky that it was the Full moon.

   " At all we come from much further."

   - You are Martians? asked Rose...

   " We do not come from Mars! " was the answer.

  - But finally how did you come until here?

   " With that!.." known as the normal man by directing a short moment, the ray of an apparatus (undoubtedly a lamp ), on a corner of the ground.

   Mordious! was the Provence's swearword of Rose, who asks him to a little better see. The lamp ignited again and Pink been able to see sufficiently, a kind of enormous circular thing, a gray chechmate, resembling slate, and having the shape of an immense rower, in suspension with approximately a meter of the ground, without support.

   " Then these books?" , still claim the man who held definitely to with it. Rose recovered the key under the stone punt and opened the gate. The normal man projected the ray of his lamp inside and entered the first. Pink followed it and thought that the large ones would remain outside. But they also entered while bending down considerably, with the result that small the mazet was full to crack. The lamp lit as in full day and Rose benefitted from it to throw a wink on her strange visitors. The large ones had the brown skin and resembled rather to non starveling Hindus, but well in flesh. They all were vétus of a kind of combination of man splashes, with with the feet of the kinds of pataugas. These feet measured at least of the 60. One of the giants had planted on the face, a half of ball of black glass and around its blow a belt hung to which was accorchée at the level of the stomach, a block box with multiple buttons.

   " But why do you speak French, and why are not you not as large as the others?" questioned Rose while addressing itself to the normal man and it is there that our history takes a very particular turning:

   - But quite simply, because I am French, and I am with them since 20 of your terrestrial years. One night that I walked in the countryside, I met them and I live since in their world with them .

   - But you were a child then, because you appear hardly 30 years old!

   - I had 25 years. known as - it.

    Rose made an elementary calculation 25 + 20 = 45

   - You are not 45 years old! in any case, you do not have the air of it!

   - But I do not have them. Time does not count for us as for you!

  Rose did not return from there and was rather flabbergasted. One would not be with good less, especially if one had not plunged in the meanders of the theory of relativity of Einstein, little revealed at the time.

   - What do you come to seek here? asked Rose while making believe that it included/understood this notion of " elastic time "

   - Even look at... says it by presenting the contents of a bag to him which one of the large characters carried. And Rose saw, of push back olive-trees, almond trees, of thyme, various sheets and stones etc...

   - But that is not worth a so long voyage! Rose retorted.

   - But if...; we collect the same things in several places of planet. That enables us to evaluate the dégats caused by the bombs which you exploded in Japan, there are 7 of your years!

   - But it is not us, the American have done it!

   - For us, it is nevertheless you! just then, Rose was quite upset, but 25 years later the accumulation of the atomic bombs, (the Soviet one , already on the29/08/49 and Rose was unaware of it) then the English one a few months after her aventure on the 3/10/52 , then the French one on the 13/02/60 , then the Chinese one, on the 15/10/64 etc...she have had to see that he was right.

  Rose then opened an old cupboard filled with odds and ends, cobwebs and where Mrs female rat had installed all her family completly. She felt obliged to reveal to these strange visitors, that she did not live in this barraque, but that she lived a pretty house elsewhere. Then she pulled out some old books covered with dust, of which one was large and thick: " the Monte Cristo's Count" of A. Dumas . she blew on the package to drive out a few dust and offered it to the normal man, as well as old newspapers and the very new catalogue which she had bought the day before, because the " French " asked she, politely, if he could also carry it. Only the remains of the book "the misérables of V. Hugo" that the rats had really massacred, remained in the wall cupboard.

   Then, Rose to make believe that she went to clean the place, said that she was about to destroy the rats the following day. And the answer was to her:

   - You should not kill these animals, leave them alive.

   Reassured, Rose, who obviously would not have done it, said again:

   - I will not kill them, but on the contrary, I will carry bread to them! And the answer was:

   - You should not carry food to them. They are animals accustomed to be self-sufficent, in nourishing them would make them tributary of you; let them self-manage .

   Rose thought, "It does not want that I kill them, nor that I nourish them. What a funny guy" . But the years later, she was going to understand what that meant. (Ecology indeed took essort since)
   But a question burned her lips:

   -You did not think of your family, when you left with them ?

   - I did not have nearest relatives. Nobody owed to worry about me,
apart perhaps my pupils because I was a teacher.

   Here is thus, an interesting revelation, because there should not be
many teachers who disappeared abruptly in 1932 , without the fact that the french National Education Office , was being some more informed. So this is a investigation track to be checked here, and we thus invite the Net-surfers who have the means for doing this search, to make known themselves as fast as possible. (Thank you in advance).
   The continuation of the dialogue now will take a completely exceptional turning.
   " -You never regretted having left the Earth ?"
   "- You very gain to leave it , know- you?" Rose at the time, does
not understand well the contents of this assertion.
   "- do you want coming with us ?"
   Rose was again frightened by thinking that they could kidnap her in their diabolic machine. she lives again in thought, her old father and her very fair daughter and retorted:
   "- I want to remain here !"
   At this time there, the giant with the ball addressed to the teacher,
who asked Rose:
   "- He wants to know who is the old man and who is the child ?"
   Thus Rose realized that this giant at least, was a perfect telepathist.
She thus explained to them, the details of her family and all things could have stopped there, if Rose had not noted that the dogs were kindly standing up at the ball giant's feet which seemed to be the head of the group.
   "-You look kindly with the dogs, do you so have any to love up there?" asked Rose innocently.
   "- All that you have on Earth, we also have it, because these are their distant ancestors which brought all things here. Only all is taller. Thus the cats resemble small tigers and the trees are immense. Even the men go down from them..."
   " -Impossible! on Earth, nowhere we have such men as large as those you said!"
   "- But because with the passing generations, all things reduced."
    "- But in this case, why to have forced men to live in a place which decreased them? ", ask Rose while being ironical.
   "-That it was not always thus. To prepare this planet to receive the life was not so simple! It was necessary first to sow in order to create, then to bring an atmosphere, then to bring animals and it was a long-term job. It is only later than the men were off-set, because the latter were not any sort of men! On Earth when you want to punish the robbers, the gangsters, the assassins, you put them either in prisons, or in convict place, in short, in spots where without freedom, punished men are dependant on the toiling masses; They, these giants who sent us here, they solved the problem by getting developpements in a planet for this punished men. They thus had off-set them after they had been amputated of a part of their knowledge, then they left them free, depending only on themselves. They then had only to secure their survival from themselves. You are descended from those !"
   Upseted at learning that she is coming from convicts, Rose retorted:
"You too, it seems to me !"
"-That's truth", was the answer.
   "- And all that is nothing, the hardest for them, was to bring a satellite, just appropriated for this planet."
   "- A really satellite, you want to say the Moon ? "
   "-Exactly, and it was not so easy! there have been an error undoubtedly in the choice of this moon, because one day by bringing a cargo of punished men, they fell on giants, three larger than them, and the flora and fauna had undergone the same transformation. Much later, the satellite crushed on the planet, and it was a long time passing, before they can find some another which was appropriated with the Earth; They however discovered it, in another solar system, and brought back it on the orbit where you can see it today ".
   Let us stop here the naration of this incredible adventure, so that you look for getting the book of Rose C , if you are lucky to find it, because it is not the kind of books which the media like to put forward since it defies our more elementary logic. (Let us note, while passing that this scenario of the cosmic concvict-prison Earth is described in a way nearly identical in the book of G. Adamsky in the book"Inside the Space Ships" " of 1955 and translated into French in May 1979 and nammed "A l'intérieur des vaisseaux de l'espace" Chez M. Moutet. page 92)
   Moreover, it is necessary that you can appreciate the continual and Provençal humour which emerges from the book of Rose C . and to finish, we shall say to you only that Rose was not at the end of her suprises ,because in addition of telepathy, she known also the teleportation of the flat stone , of the key of small Mazet and herself even. She learned that their Moon is three times larger than our, took a severe lesson on our school education, on our alleged historical knowledge, the fact that every approximately 12000 years the Earth undergoes a cataclysm started by the silliness of the men and that we have got off to a bad start, if we continue in same stupid way etc... and finally that because of similar experiments, Earth underwent a terrible cataclysm, on 11357 years old exactly (on the basis of 1952 of course ).
   Rose was deeply affected by her adventure, but today, she still thinks, on all the questions which she could have raised to these except standards visitors , as for example simply to ask the teacher which was his name and in which school, he worked , which he would not have hesitated to say, in reason of the kindness of which he made proof. But in 1952 we did not have the same concerns as today .
   However Rose kept an irrefutable proof of her incredible adventure: By receiving certain radiations when the visitors touched closely she and after they went out from there, Rose felt a vague stiffening over the entire length of her right annular and two months after she realized with fear that this right annular had grown and her hand was with two middle fingers , which in our opinion is single in the history of the human physiology . ( To see the picture) .
   Moreover, there was in the center of Rose's palm , of the same hand, a scar of one centimetre and half approximately whereas she had never had wound in the center of her hand. she was so going to realize, that at evening, she was getting flashs in her brain and on a purple bottom various inscriptions appeared, that we will not detail here and that you will find in the book of Rose C above mentioned .
   Here is thus the history of Rose C, very briefly told, and we have to draw now all the possible implications from them if this the authenticity of this history could be established.
   First, we address to Rose C, if she is still alive, or with the people who knew she, to know why she did not have the happy idea to make one day analyze the pilot elements of her extraordinary adventure: key, flat stone, traces on the ground , which underwent specific radiations, which current science could perhaps have discovered, in more of the radios of her hand which are absolutely necessary to
establish the strange elongation of her annular

   Moreover we invite all the people having participed to the conference organized by group Veronica on Nov. 14 of 1974 at 14h30 - 16h in the Pablo Neruda Arts Centre of Nimes and who had to know the unexpected intervention of Rose C to this conference, affirming that the occupants of the UFOS " were all of the giants of 2m30 approximately and that their dye is not green but darkened " to contact us on the Web, as soon as possible. .. Because that would confirm her ignorance, at the time, of the characteristics of the phenomenon " UFO " and would amply justify all the good-naturedness of which she made proof in this strange adventure.

   And especially did she drawn up the list of the people with which she told
her history between 1952 and and at least 1970 the publication date of the article of the Soviet Magazine Souptnik which one can read integrality page 99 in the DON WILSON's book " a Spaceship named the Moon " published at Albin Michel in September 1979, but in English in 1975 . Let us summarize in very few lines this article:

   The origin of the Moon is one of the major problems of cosmos interesting the Earth directly . Three principal assumptions clash :
   - First Assumption. The Moon formed part of the Earth from which it was detached. But as regard, one did not find the enormous site, on our Earth, where he moon could have been extracted following a shock with a large planet like Mars, one should not think more of this assumption. It is however this, which bizarement has the favour of the majority of the current scientists and which will have to be abandoned. (see why, in our article on the Web " Mysteries of the Moon ")

   - Second assumption. The Moon results from the same cloud of dust and gas which the Earth , and immediately became the natural satellite of the Earth.

   But how to then explain the difference of composition of the rocks and
density of 3,33g per Cm3 for the Moon and of 5,5g per Cm3 for the
Earth and also we will see it below the incredible oldness of some lunar rocks.
   - Third assumption. The Moon has another origin far from the Earth , and like a comet, it approached close to our planet. And by a complex effect of gravity forces of the Earth, it was taken inside an almost circular geocentric orbit .
   The difficulty it is that this capture is virtually impossible without a characterized braking (see also our article on the Mysteries of the Moon).
   Mikhail Vasin and Alexander Chtcherbakov , themselves, in July 1970 proposed the following and dared hypothesis and which however was that that Rose C had to discover, since 1952, thanks to its strange visitors :

   " The Moon would be an artificial satellite of the Earth, put on orbit around it by intelligent beings which are unknown for us. "
   Without re-entering in the details of this revolutionary theory of the Soviet scientists, the Moon would be made of a shielding (extremely resisting that large meteorites do not even manage to bore because the bottom of certain craters is convex instead of concave ) and have about 32Km thickness and of a external coating of 4800 m and would be inside full of apparatuses and machines which would have been used for its displacement and its marvellous stabilization
   The Moon indeed has an obliged rotation , that is to say that it turns on itself even in same time that it turns around the Earth so about approximately 27,3 days , with the result that it always presents the same face to us, and moreover it is so well placed between the Earth and the Sun (its apparent diameter is 400 times smaller than that of the sun and its distance from the Earth is as oddly precisely 400 times smaller as the distance from the Earth to the Sun) as that enables us to admire splendid eclipses which do not exist on other planets .

We cannot give here all the reasons which carried these Soviet scientists to admit such a theory, however so not very orthodoxe, but to know some more, the Net surfer will have the good curiosity, if please, to refer to the above mentioned DON Wilson's book .

III Conclusion

   We are thus arriving here at the worrying conclusion of this article:

   - Either this lady Rose C (who knew in 1952 nothing about astronomy since she had never heard speaking about the Sirius Star ), had, at that time, a brilliant idea , which would have enabled her to write a best seller science fiction book with better success than that book she published in 1979, under the consulting of his friends, whereas she kept silence during years .

   - Either that erudite Russian scientists read a report somewhere, if there is one, published in an unspecified review,of the Rose C 'story or that they read also perhaps the book of Jean SENDY in 1968 and that they were used these informations for supporting their fantastic theory (not impossible case , but very improblable, in reason of the censure on the information which reigned at the time in the USSR).

   - Either, to confuse the issue deliberately , and much people will say it, it is by chance that this agreement of ideas took place and that Rose C. has, without scruples, completly imagined this story.

   - Either finally that this Rose C's aventure is an authentic one and we must quickly draw out from it the notorious conclusions which are

   Let us note while passing, that this incredible assumption is also completely accredited by another perfectly esoteric way ( since
information are obtained by channelling ),coming from Canada on page 198 of the french book "Earth, Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library" at Ground Pléiadiennes of the alive library of Barbara MARCINIAK published in 1995 by Bear & and Company Inc.
   For those which did not have yet the chance to have in hand this
remarkable book, let us quote these some mots:" The Moon is a manufactured satellite . It was anchored outside the Earth's atmosphere to act like an apparatus of meditation and monitoring, like a supercomputer, or an eye in the sky. It affects all the forms of life on this planet, very beyond of what is currently perceptible for you. Your history makes state of the two Moons orbiting the Earth.
You often do not hear that, but some people knows..

   We remain is'n it quite confused by this analogy of apparently divergent sources.

   Let us meditate however, by finishing this talk, on this transcendent lesson of modesty and of good manners that give us these giants, coming from the outer space , with so powerful means which could crush us like flies and which however come to collect rocks and plants of our planet, while respecting the life of small rodents, and which say that the Earth is a splendid one and which are worried about the fate that we reserve to it,whereas currently more than 40 seats of war, tear it,and where, the famished ones are proliferating, frantic pollution is threating, without speaking about the warped tricks, that still reserve to us, those who bite off more than one can chew .

     A quotation of memory, to finish, seems of circumstance here: "On the Cosmos scale, only fantastic stories get chances to be true ."
Pierre TEILHARD of CHARDIN ( 1881-1955 ).

   Last news: on Friday 02/ 28 /2000, we had the privilege to receive,from Mrs Rose C, personally, a phone call, whose source was however from 7000km to us us, and we also call back this lady, on Sunday 30 following. She then explained to us, amongst other things, her health's troubles. Tuesday April 18, 2000, a very sympatic Netsurfer, taught us her departure for the Other World at the beginning of the second week of April. We also learned and that is of a capital importance to establish, partly, the authenticity of this off norm story , that the impartial observer writer Guy Tarade , declared:

1°) " I, de visu, noted the famous finger. I can affirm that there was no faking. "

2°) " That a very official investigator of the GEPAN was also surprised by this kind of metamorphosis... "
3°) " A few months before her death, her finger had still lengthened! "

Another extraordinary news:
   Wednesday on May 24 of 2000, we sought, in our files, a photograph of Surveyor 3, landed on the moon on April 17, 1967 and which would have been visited by the astronauts Conrad and Bean of Apollo 12 on Nov. 20, 1969 . These astronauts noted that Surveyor 3 , had in fact, yellowed like a lemon, under the effect, one said it to us, of the 120 degrees of the lunar midday. Is not there indeed, another cause to explain this erosion? We did not still find this photograph on 05/27/00, but we found better...! Indeed we fell on an American, quarterly review of June 1976 entitled " Ufo report " which contained a remarkable article of eight pages of Don Wilson probably drawn from his book published in the United States in 1975 and only in 1979 in France .
Let us cast if you want, a furtive glance on this off norm information which this article contains:

   " But the very first rock specimen that the astronaut Neil Armstrong picked up after landed at the Sea of Tranquility turned out to be more than 3,6 billion years old ! And this was only a beginning to the antiquity mystery. One rock from Man's first trip to the moon was a baffing 4,3 billion years old . Another puzzler (called Rock 13) checked in an unbelievable 4,5 billion years . And an Apollo 11 soil sample turned out to be of 4,6 billion years old - the very age of the Earth and and the solar system itself scientists now believe . Similary, unmanned Soviet probes, tested rocks in one of the Moon's older seas, the Sea of the Fertility, and they were discovered to be 4,6 billion years old .

   However according to well-known astronomical periodical, " Sky and
Telescope ", the Lunar Conference of 1973 , at which most of the NASA lunar scientists participated, revealed that a moon rock had been discovered that was 5,3 billion years old . Another report, based on the potassium-argon system of dating , now accepted by science as the most accurate dating system claimed " some of the rocks given an unacceptable age of seven billon years, " according to an other science journal.

   And if we are to believe yet another report " two stones Apollo 12 rocks have been dated at 20 billion years old ." Unbelivable ?
Seemingly, for this is four times, the age of our planet and our solar system... So far as we know this is, as old as the oldest scientific estimates ever placed on any part of the Universe !
   In an article of the Technical magazine Chemistry of Fev. 1974 , Dr. Urey advances that " Moon rock has been shown to contain xenon isotopes from fission to plutonium-244, which are not found on Earth and (this) indicates that the Moon is much older ."(emphasis added).

   What is to say moreover, if it is yet only: " The Moon rocks and soil have introduced so many contradictions and confusion that one perplexed team of the California Institute of Thecnology (Caltech) even expressed their feelings of fustration by signing a research report on this soiland rocks: " The Lunatic Asylum "

   Or: Instead of giving us answers to the key questions and perplexing lunar problem as one scientist put it at the time :

" The Moon is giving us answers we don't even have question for. "

   For all references :( Please to consult: Siences News June " 73 p 355 and " Pensées " special issue: Immanuel Velikovsky reconsidered: how much of Yesterday's Heresy is Todays Sciences page 13. and also Chemistry: Feb 74 p 19-20 . and be very kind to send to us copies of these pages, if you are lucky to find them. Thanks for this in advance.) "

   Then, dear Mrs Rose C , isn't you yet who could guide us to discover this excellent article which seems to confirm your fabulous adventure ?...
   That goes with out saying, that we beseech any Netsurfer having got any information on this Lunar conference of 1973 and the reports published, at this occasion, concerning the extraordinary oldness of certain lunar rocks , brought back of our satellite, to have the extreme kindness to inform us a bit about all this.

   Making out this article on the 01/12/99 et up dating it on the 11/05/01 and also on the 29/01/02.


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