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The ultraviolet light engine

I Introduction

  Extracted from" The cosmic age from USA" by J.M.SCHIFF from A.MICHEL Publishings" "A company of Miami has made turn several small internal combustion engines thanks to the ultraviolet light and using no fuel-oil..". A California engineer is now under way to develop a car engine supplied with hydrogen that a ultraviolet laser extracts continually from a water tank. No definitive confirmation can again be given, but the line of research on the light energy is obviously rich of promises .

II The genesis of the affair.

   A recent article on the chemistry by lasers really shows , in the whole world, that chemists are actively occupied to use energy of light by opposition with heat that, until now, has been the source of all industrial energy. One more time, a new type of conscience is at stake...

   If it is true, as some chemists assert, that the light can provoke chemical reactions capable to produce enormously more energy than any thermal reaction produced from fuel fossil, then, Manking is truly on the threshold of a unlimited energy. Solar Reactor Corporation, the Miami company that has already built small ultraviolet engines, puts in application a suitable discovery of Robert Scragg, an inventor that realized that all the contemporary research on solar energy is concentrated over thermal energy, that is to say on the pole infra-red of the Člectro-magnetic spectrum. Scragg decided to do a U-turn for luminique energy of the ultra-violet pole.

   It is light, repeated Scragg, and no heat, that do the growing of plants. Light contains more energy than heat, because it is to move to 300 000 km/ s. Scragg then came to study the lasers properties..., but some thing of essential still lacked until the day where he feld on a report published in 1920 by a student. This document exposed a simple scientific observation: In contact with usual ultraviolet light, hydrogen and chlorine react each other with a extreme violence to produce by great quantities of energy. Scragg was gettiing enthusiatic about it. It seemed the famous case of the German student that synthesized a chemical product and classified this report, which was found fifty later years on a dusty shelf and which permit the production of the insecticide known as DDT...

   Scragg experimented successfully the formula described in the report then, with Robin Parker, started the company "Solar Reactor" to explore the applications of this discovery. The hydrochloric acid is easily produced from the seawater and it decomposes itself very simply in hydrogen and in chlorine gaz. In addition, the reaction is reversible, that is to say that the hydrogen and the chlorine can re-create hydrochloric acid:the wole functions so in closed circuit, a small quantity of hydrochloric acid being able to be continually reused.

   The energy used in the reaction comes by small candles of ultraviolet light that have been built specially by the Champion Spark company. Scragg et Parker estimate that a car propelled by a such engine would transport an average of 5 hydrochloric acid liters in its closed circuit . The acid passing by a converter separates itself in hydrogen and chlorine, that are injected in cylinders and they react violently to the contact of the ultraviolet light emitted by candles: the expansion thus produced active the pistons.The acceleration is controlled by a rheostat varing the light of the candles and no the variation of the gases wave . According to Scragg et Parker,the mechanical energy thus produced would be fourteen time stronger than that produced by an gasoline engine of the same size

   Inventors of the uv-engine (ultraviolet engine) admit gladly that they do not understand completely what passes inside their engine and that seems to violate some thermodynamic and recognized laws, since we are in presence a sort of perpetual movement. Still they carry on with their researches and hope to issue soon for the public their first results.

III Conclusion

  If these researches will be succeessful, we have still to wish that these researchers manage to exit them publicly because magnates of oil energy will look very unfavourably the end of their hegemony and to be opposed seriously to the implementation of the UV-engine, they are going to grab the patents to put them under secret until the wole oil exhausts from our terrestrial environment and for the aim in vew to emerge and to use them when the danger will be definitively averted.

     Mark my words!

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